2.42 app Beta Test 5/1/2023


  • Android: 2.42.0.b283
  • iOS: 2.42.0(4)

What’s New:

  • Added support for landscape mode on iPad for the Home and Event tabs
  • Added support for Glass Breaking and Gun Shooting sound detection for Cam Protect customers
  • Added support for Smart Vision for Cam Protect customers
  • Added more options for preset Rules on the Home tab
  • Bug fixes

I’m pleasantly shocked that nearly 5 years after this feature (landscape mode on tablets) was requested, it’s (mostly) here! Most immediate issue is, from the home screen, when I click on a group, the group does appear in the 4 camera/screen layout (good), but the back arrow to get back to the home screen is gone. Only way back I’ve found so far, is to rotate the tablet back to portrait, then back arrow. But still, progress! Finally!

(edit: although I’m glad to see the feature, it’s incredibly wasteful of screen space (that’s why I use an iPad, for more screen space), why not do two columns of cameras/groups, and two columns of events? I suppose that can be another feature request…)


This may sound like a weird question but since I do not use any Apple products was the back button there before in the group view and it just went away in this release?

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I don’t have an iPad but I will check this on my iPhone. It has always had a back button in portrait, and in landscape. However landscape group view has been broken completely on IOS for a few updates. I believe that is a fix it Friday topic right now.


Landscape is still broken on iPhone, but the back button is present.


There has always been a back button (looks like the less-than sign, “<”), at the very top of the group view, in portrait mode. I don’t recall if that was true in landscape, but since before, one always had to rotate the iPad back to portrait, it’s possible I overlooked it (i.e. rotate tablet to portrait, then hit back button, vs now, stay in landscape, no way to go back).

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Cam names are cut off on left side when viewing cam groups in landscape orientation on Samsung tablets. Tested under Android versions 10, 11 & 12. Issue does not exist viewing the same on phones.

Log ID: 1026497

Edit: It’s not just the cam names, the whole left side of the view is cut off. Same view from an Android 12 phone:

Edit edit: Just noticed that right side is also cut off on tablets. Ref screenshots above. On some tablets, this results in the timestamp seconds being cutoff giving the false appearance of right side cams’ displays frozen.


Another bug, in tablet landscape mode, Events, clicking on an event starts the event view in portrait, it rotates to landscape (good), but the controls (sound, livestream, delete) at the bottom are now missing. Also a nit, the camera view is off left-justified not centered. As a lefty the controls a bit more convenient for me this way, but probably centered would be better.

Another (minor) bug, the progress slider is full-width, but attempting to drag it, causes a rapid rotation to portrait and back, then the progress slider is only as wide as the camera image.

Another, the full-screen icon (upper left of camera image) doesn’t seem to respond initially, then also causes the odd rotate-to-portrait, and then back.

Lastly, another minor glitch, from this view, the Back button upper left, is odd (rotated 90), it looks like an expand button not back. Clicking it puts the view into portrait mode, but it then rotates back to landscape. A bit annoying, but still better than no landscape at all.

(FS edit: log just submitted (I assume logs are cumulative across app sessions?): LogID: 1027494)


If at all possible, please submit log via Wyze app and post Log ID in your post. It really helps the developers expedite debugging.


Android App Version: 2.42.0 (b283)
Log Number: 1026516

The Yellow arrows point to 2 Notification Categories Labeled the Same. I believe, one is supposed to be for the Wyze Sound and the other is for the Default Sound. However, both are have the Sound Setting set to Default.

When I use the app to change the Push Notification sound from Default to Wyze, there is no change to the sound, it remains as the default sound.


@WyzeJasonJ @WyzeAndy

Will, “Added support for landscape mode on iPad for the Home and Event tabs”, be provided to Android Tablets as well? OnePlus and Google will be releasing theirs soon and I utilize an ONN Tablet from Walmart as a test device.


@WyzeJasonJ @WyzeAndy

I am providing an image to show each WyzeMessage Notification Categories and the Sound setting for each. The First one uses the Yellow Arrow to show the Sound setting for that notification and the Pinkish Arrows show the sound setting for the second. They are both set the same. In the past one said App Provided Sound, now it doesn’t.


How are you getting that 4 group setup. Ie: where is that setup located.

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If you put cameras in a camera group using the + button on the Home Screen, you can then rotate the device to view 4 cameras in the group.


“Group” devices by similar type to save screen space and better organize your products on the Wyze app Home page. Grouping cams will also allow you to view up to 4 simultaneous live streams when your device is in landscape orientation:

Grouping Multiple Devices


The landscape mode is very much welcomed.

  1. On launch, home screen looks fine.
  2. On clicking + (top left corner) and then Add Device Group, that next screen is in portrait mode. Entering a Device Group Name, there is a black DONE button on the bottom, and then another DONE button on the top when the black button is clicked. This is confusing.
  3. Monitoring more than 4 cameras requires you to pan left and right to see all cameras. Maybe have an option to auto pan that screen, or scale the camera thumbnails/previews to fit the screen.
  4. As user NerdlyOne pointed out, the camera monitor screen has no back button, and we need to rotate the ipad/device to portrait to get the option to go back to the previous screen.
  5. Clicking on a Wyze plug in the home screen will bring me to a page that is in portrait mode. Will wait for this to be updated.

This is a good step in the right direction. I am assuming that the beta is for the home screen and events screen. Monitoring, Shop, Account and Rules are still in portrait mode.

Thanks and very much appreciated.


This one is being worked on now, hope to have it fixed before the full release of this app.

This is mostly due to the fact we did not wait for the total app rewrite to start this, due to the way the app is written we need to do this on a per-page basis and are working on the ones used most first.


Yes, sorry I’ve edited my post just above yours with the LogID that was just uploaded.

I think it’s a great idea to NOT wait for the mythical total app rewrite, before starting. Since it’s a giant app supporting all your products, most of us probably only care about the cameras. I for one don’t care about all the non-cameras, and could not care less about e.g. the shopping tab being in landscape.

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Beta app broke smart Vision for cam plus users. The menu item is there, but no cams appear to set up new.


Fully understand this and assume Agile project management is used to determine which ones are to be worked on first. 80% done is better than 0% IMHO.

So far, the 4-up camera monitoring is pretty cool. It does not seem like the screensaver/auto-off will turn off the device, I can actually re-purpose my out of use iPad to be wall mounted now as a camera monitor. If we are going to use it this way, then there should be a way to view more than 4 cameras at a time, or flip between groups of 4 cameras (eg if you have 6 cameras, either 4 in first group, 2 in second group, or 3 in each group).

On my iPad (2022) iOS 16.41 Latest Beta build.
Log ID: 1027615
Full Screen Landscape mode’s image is not centered vertically. V3 camera.
Tried restarting app, restarting iPad,

Got it, thanks

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