Landscape View For Tablets

@cheahfs Become a Beta Tester – Wyze

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Thanks for the link. Is there a code for Test Flight? I need one to get on the beta.

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I believe you just need to open this link on your iOS device that has Test Flight installed.

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Also, be sure to post your feedback here: 2.42 app Beta Test 5/1/2023

Posting in this wishlist topic will probably not be seen by the devs.

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Anything happening with android?

Thanks Loki, that link worked. I am able to get on the beta and test it out. Will post feedback at 2.42 app Beta Test 5/1/2023

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This is a BETA
So this is the type of feedback Wyze needs to resolve issues

How/where do I get the code?

@Sethm1 After you install TestFlight on your iOS and tap the link I referenced (and included here), I’m not aware of the need for a code. Are you seeing a request for a code? If so, can you clarify. Or better yet, provide a screenshot?

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Yes, developer to provide a code. Odd I have used test flight in the past.
Here is screenshot….

@Sethm1 After you installed TestFlight, did you go back and click on this link on the Beta signup page?


Oops. No. Doing it now. Thx.


its a little buggy, but much appreciated!

Well, it is a beginning hopefully they will improve over time

Geez, another 3 or 4 years.

Let’s hope not

I appreciate you thinking of me! I hadn’t seen the May 1st update in this thread from @peepeep until now. Hoping that this becomes a reality soon!

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I just tested the Beta v2.42.0 (b283) on Android 12 tablet and the rotation is still off by 90 degree.

This is still not fix in the beta (watch the video in first post):

Landscape becomes Portrait mode and vis versa when “Auto-Rotate” is On (in multi-camera live view).

Other apps are respecting the orientation. The issue seems specific to wyze app. Please help fix it…

Todays beta update did the same thing to my iPad