2.28 app Beta Test 1/13/2022


iOS: 2.28.0(5)

Android: 2.28.0.b99


  • Add +/- 30 seconds option in microSD card Playback

  • Added a Test Mode for testing Wyze Cam Floodlight and Wyze Lamp Socket during the day

  • Added support for grouping Wyze Sense Climate Sensor

  • Added support for grouping Wyze Bulb and Wyze Bulb White with Wyze Light Strip

  • Bug fixes


Exciting update. Super Excited about the Climate Group. Which leads me to this post
I loaded on both Android and iOS,

The Climate Grouping option is available on Android.

I am not seeing it on iOS.

I set the group up on the Android Device and all is well

But the iOS device does not recognize the group created in Android, and moved the climate sensors to the top of my device list, where the group is on Android.

UPDATE: I went a ahead and completely removed the Wyze App from my iOS device and reinstalled from test flight, this did not correct the issue.


Oh sweet! I hope this means lamp sockets will work better for indoor use. I use several of these inside my house, but since they only automatically turn on “when dark” it really only works well at night when it is really dark already :frowning: So I’ve had to make them turn on and off with motion sensor rules instead, and that is slower than the camera doing it, and sometimes a motion sensor doesn’t work for the entire room as well as the camera. If Test mode can be on indefinitely and let it work indoors better, this will be awesome! I will put a bunch more inside my house. I guess we’ll see. :smiley:

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The +/- 30 seconds in uSD card playback is nice.


Great update… Installed and testing.

the +/- 30 seems to be working well.

Also note, my v2 Camera’s are working fine without going offline as it has before. So maybe something was worked on with this release. I will keep checking.

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Can you try to make a Leak Sensor Group, I am unable to, all of the sensors are not available to be selected for me on Android. Will test iOS next.

I was, as shown above on the Pixel 6.

I was able to make one on Android but I only have 3 sensors, not sure how many you were trying

I added 6

Disregard, I just redid it. I grouped leak sensors before and in testing, needed to free up other sensors. Call it a User Error. :slight_smile:


iOS Test

  • Loaded app from TestFlight - No Issue
  • Provided User Name and Password - No Issue
  • Got to 2FA page - Issue (No GUI) here is my screen shot

Will need to see what is going on with this. /Downloading Update iOS 15.2.1 to see if that makes a difference. I am currently at 15.2.


This has been corrected in the iOS build 2.28.0 (5). For some reason the updte I had brought me to 2.28.0 (2). I had to update twice.

All is good now.


Can you install 2.28.0(5) to test this feature?

The issue about the zone detection in landscape is still there on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. The display is incorrect.




Thanks for sharing this! This is very interesting. So we aren’t actually getting the exact detection zone grid limits or they would always be exactly identical. This shows they might be estimates… Or approximations.

@spamoni4 @R.Good I know you both use Android and iOS… Can you guys duplicate this and see if Android and iOS detection zones are slightly different too?

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As soon as I can get in with iOS. I can’t get beyond the 2FA as there is no GUI for me. However, I am not seeing the (5) version

I don’t seem to have access to that version through TestFlight. I sent a DM on this.

Ok - It just showed up. :slight_smile: Guess I am too anxious. Installed and can logon now.

iOS 2.28.0 (5) corrected my issue with 2FA. Thanks. I am testing iOS now.

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Here is a comparison between my Android and iOS for the Porch Camera

iOS Device

Android Device

Bug found though on Android, cannot turn it Landscaped to view a larger image. WIll submit a log shortly.

Now doing a comparison on iOS Portrait against Landscaped.

iOS Landscaped for Detection Zones

iOS Portrait for Detection Zones


I’ve only had this phone for 2 months and the display problem was already there. So I can’t say how long it’s been around. It must also be present on the 12 Pro Max.:face_with_monocle:

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Do you have a Pro Max? On your phone, the display is correct.