2.42 app Release Candidate Test 5/11/2023

Thank you @spamoni , the android app is still under review and will be available once it passed review.


Appreciate the update.


Installed on the @#$%^&* iPhone. Like spamoni4 waiting for the Android version.


Also installed the iOS version and waiting for Android app. :+1:


Just installed the Android App, installation went fine. Tried installing it over the existing app and then a fresh install on a different phone. Everything seems to be working as expected so far.

The only items to report so far has to do with the Wyze Sound:

Here is the App Info Main screen in notifications.

  • The Orange Arrow points to the Category for when you select Wyze Sound in the App.
  • The Green Arrow points to the Category for when you select System Default in the App

When I look at the detailed information for each category, I see that the Wyze Sound is not an option or non existent. Here are the screen shots of each, maintaining the Green Arrow for System Default and the Orange Arrow for Wyze Sound:

Notice how the sound setting is the exact same for each category.

How did I figure this out

Other than working with this issue in previous builds, I decided to leave it on the Default sound and trigger Notifications, notice on the main entry page, it shows 1 notification and at the top of the detailed page, you see “Front Door Lock was auto-locked”.

The ones with the Orange Arrows have not notification associated to them at all. I then changed to the Wyze Sound and the ones with the Orange Arrow now shows Notification information, similar to the green arrowed ones. But the notification sound is still the Default Sound and not the Wyze Sound.

Log Submitted: 1039321

This issue happens on all my Android Device: Pixel 6, Pixel 7 Pro, Samsung Z-FLip 5G. On my iPhone, it seems to work and provide the Wyze Sound.


The scaling issues that I reported for previous beta Android version 2.42.0.b283 have been resolved with this iteration. Thank you! :+1:


Kudos to Wyze on this version. I created a group of four cameras, two at home and to at the cottage. Group view is flawless with cameras from two different networks. They’ve been going strong all day, not even once buffering.

My faith in Wyze has been restored :slight_smile:


I spoke to soon. Single camera view on iPad is botched up. There is a huge banner on the top of the screen that pushes the screen down.


Also, the landscape interface is not consistent all across. Events, Monitoring, Shop and Account force into vertical view.

Submitted log #1040444


To prevent screwing up the aspect ratio, on that size display, there has to be a dead band at the top, or the bottom, or a combination of both. Same concept as the letterbox banding of a wide format TV signal being watched on a old 3x4 aspect ratio TV. The image is not being cut off - you can tell because the timestamp is showing correctly, So what’s the problem?

And BTW, I HATED movies that cut the edges of the image off to fill a 3x4 aspect ratio TV (before there were wide format TVs).

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Looks odd and ugly. Top and bottom was better, hence “single camera view on iPad is botched up”. Looks like haphazard design choice, like the programer had to run to the washroom and forgot what he/she was doing before that. Should look like this:


The only difference appears to be that the stream is not centered vertically. Should be an easy change. Send a log from your iPad and report the Log ID in your post #11 above. I’d post one, but don’t feel like running TestFlight on my pads.

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Smart Vision Event tags are backwards on V3 camera.

I have my smart Vision set up to alert me when hummingbirds are present at my feeder.

The tag labels are:

Hummingbird Alert! When hummingbirds are present.
Nothing to see here when no hummingbirds are present.

I have notifications on for hummingbird Alert.

The problem is when hummingbirds are present, it’s saying nothing to see here. And when no hummingbirds are present, it’s telling me hummingbird alert.

This is not happening on the V2 camera. The tags are correct.

Here’s a screenshot of the v3 camera alert tags:

I have submitted a log: 1041828

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Why hasn’t my ios app updated to 2.42?

You need to do the update Via Testflight for iOS and not the App Store. App Store will provide the prod version of the app.

Are you not seeing the update available in Test Flight? Here is what I see

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Pump the brakes! Stop the bus!

When did the V3 get added to Smart Vision?


Some times you have to click on the app icon to take you to the update

I’d like to know to


It says I was removed from testing.

Denny Riffert

I saw that as well, had to check and yep they are there.


Can you sign up again? I saw that on my Wifes iPad, but I used it sparingly. So I am sure that it expired

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