2.48 Release Candidate Test 12/11/2023

2.48 RC:


  • Android: 2.48.0.b377

  • iOS: 2.48.0(4)

What’s New:

  • Fixed a crash that happened when the user accepted a VoIP call on Wyze Video Doorbell v1 (iOS-only)

  • Bug fixes

  • Security improvements

*** Gradual release, all users should get this update within 48 hours ***


Update available on iOS, currently doing the installation.

Does not appear to be available for Android yet.


Prelim check on iOS, the event image for V3 cameras still are not showing.


showoff :wink:


LOL – Nah, just working on Wyze Stuff and playing with my network. :slight_smile:

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We do know about this and are looking into it.



Just a follow-up as I see this on the RC build in iOS as well.

There appears to be an Event issue, not sure if it is App Related or Cloud related, but as I peruse the Events, I see most with the Green ? mark. When I move passed and come back it will play. Not sure what is going on but here is some supporting information:

Android App version: 2.48.0.b376
Also happens on iOS App Version: 2.48.0(4)

Android App Log Submitted: 1258489

2 Pictures showing the ? Marks

Video showing what I do to correct the issues, you will see a question Mark, move past then back and it streams.

Watch the video, you will see an Event with the green ? Mark, you will see I move passed (Which that event also has a Green ? Mark) and then simply go back to the previous Event and it will stream.


Reported, thank you.


We have found the cause of this and are deploying a fix.


Wow, that was fast.

You all rock. :slight_smile:


@WyzeJasonJ , still have not gotten Android: 2.48.0.b377. I have only received the iOS RC app.

Any idea what is going on?


I know when we asked about the last beta Google said to expect that it could take up to 48 hours to be approved. I would expect it to probably come out tomorrow, but I will reach out in the morning and see if something is up.


Android app 2.48.0.b377 is now available in the Play Store:

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Just installed as well.

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EDIT: As mentioned below, the app update appears to have just toggled off the VDBPro battery percentage number, but when I toggled it back on in settings, it was restored.

Original message:

:rotating_light: I have a HUGE OBJECTION to this RC app version! :rotating_light:

The VDBPro No longer Shows the Battery percentage number! (I haven’t checked if they did this with other battery devices too, but I noticed it on my VDBPro because I started charging it and went to see how close it was to being fully charged and found I couldn’t tell)

That’s got to be fixed!
This is how it has been on basically every other app version:

And now it is ommitted:

No, no, no, no, no…that’s not acceptable, PLEASE put it back on. That’s not a bug fix, and it’s not a security update. I think someone just accidentally messed this up when they were playing with fixing the VOIP call code…but that was supposed to only be for iOS, so I don’t know why it’s affecting Android. Please, Please, Please fix it.

(Pixel 8 Pro)

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I am still seeing my battery percentage on my VDBP after updating to this rc yesterday. Pixel 7 on Android 14

This is where I would typically try to help troubleshoot but I know you know what steps to take. My only idea is that the update possibly reset the setting to show the battery percentage.

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Thanks, you’re right, the upgrade somehow toggled off the battery percentage setting. I didn’t toggle it off myself though. Weird.

It’s back to normal now. I wonder why it flipped off.

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