2.47 app Release Candidate Beta Test 11/1/2023


  • Android: 2.47.0.b372
  • iOS: 2.47.0(2)

What’s New:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Events list to keep loading when scrolling up (Android-only)
  • Fixed the bug that prevented shared users from canceling Wyze Home Monitoring sharing from the Account > Sharing page (Android-only)
  • Fixed the bug that prevented new cameras from displaying immediately after adding the camera to a group (iOS-only)
  • Bug fixes

Both iPhone and Android updated. No issues so far.


Same here.

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Same here, no issues on either of my devices


If anyone is experiencing the issue of not being able to add the 2019 bulbs and plugs could you try this beta and let me know if the issue is still there?


Yes, * Android: 2.47.0.b372 still has the problem…Unless you have made changes on the cloud side to this in the last day or so…

I haven’t tried today, but did Saturday.

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Wyze doorbell v1 I’m now not getting motion Notifications on this version, it records events but doesn’t notify my android

Can’t connect to Wyze Buds or 2019 Bulbs w/v.2.47.0.b372

Can’t connect to new buds (not pro), new 2019 bulbs, and lamp sockets settings doing their own thing after updating rule. With several devices, thinking is more likely the app. Cust Svc doesn’t recognize the app version since it’s newer than the official one listed.

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