Wyze Web Portal and new Web View

Still no luck for me with the portal on Chrome; deleting the cache didn’t help. But it’s working on Firefox (where it ironically gives a “Try Chrome for a better experience” msg. upon launch). Though I am getting a stutter on my v3.

I expect that they are working on it. Just checking on progress.

I am also getting constantly disconnected on Wyze Web Live today, starting an hour or two ago. The last two days very few disconnects, but today real bad.
Disconnects always seem to start early afternoon (west coast time) and last until early evening.

One Wyze OG camera with high speed Comcast cable.
Edge browser.

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surprisingly, it’s been just over 24 hours that all my two cameras have been displayed without interruptions. As if that wasn’t already amazing enough, I left each camera open in a different session (I opened two Edge browsers and each one I left a camera in the zoomed view).

I hope it continues like this!

The new web portal is extremely bad. It auto launches all cameras right off, which is a terrible waste of bandwidth. And, they all never stay connected. Loosing streams one after another after only a few seconds. This was tested on many ISPs and different methods. The new web site is 100% bad IMHO. I want the old one back.

I’ve found that it partially depends on the camera model. I have over 40 cameras and I have some cams that will stay streaming for more than 24hours straight, such as my Floodlight Pro cameras, while others struggle to connect or stay connected without having to refresh the page once in a while. So, I can confirm that it is possible to stream Wyze cameras through the new portal for a whole day at a time (because I’ve done it), but like I said, it seems to work better for some camera models and less so for others. For example, I have some V3’s in my toddlers’ rooms that I sometimes need to refresh for.

This makes me believe that they can certainly make improvements since I do have some cameras that will stay connected seemingly indefinitely, but there are others that don’t do that. If it was just my ISP then I would expect all cameras to have the problem, but some of them are working great.

Not implying this is the case for you, but I do know that some people have struggles because a lot of browsers are set up by default to put tabs into a suspended status after a short time if they aren’t actively being worked on, so this is also something that some people are probably dealing with when they get disconnected. It’s not enough to just have the tab showing on the computer screen somewhere if it isn’t the actively selected window with the mouse or keyboard keeping the computer from detecting inactivity.

I know it’s in early stages though, so I’m being patient. I am totally on board with changing this too:

Though for me, it’s mostly because I don’t want it draining my battery cameras. I only want it to load my battery cameras when I ask them to be loaded, and not have them load by default.