Wyze Hardwired Doorbell - Unreliable Connection and Slow Transfer Speed

So my hardwired Wyze doorbell has been unreliable since the firmware update back in the spring. It’s been updated with every firmware release, power cycled, etc. etc. I’m aware this was a known issue since it occurred.

Still, it will sometimes get stuck in authentication and never connect or at the least take a long time to connect. When connected it will sometimes send data at a very low rate (say 10-20 kbps).

The device reports a strong WiFi connection and indeed I always get a notification when someone presses the doorbell.

I’m sort of tired of farting around with this thing. Can anyone at Wyze give me any assurance that if I go buy a new doorbell that the new one will perform better than the existing one?

For what it’s worth - this doorbell cam was dead reliable up to the firmware update early this year.

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The Video Doorbell Pro has not shown the same proclivity for loading issues as the V1.

None of the firmware updates to the VDBv1 have worked to solve the issue.

Many in the other threads have received replacement for their affected V1 because of this, even out of warranty, with old production firmware before the firmware that causes the problem. They have reported positive results with initial install and NOT updating the production firmware.

The Video Doorbell Pro - is it battery powered only?

If so I’m unfortunately not interested. I have wired power to the doorbell, and it’s silly not to use it and instead be tied to periodic battery charging.

None of the firmware updates to the VDBv1 have worked to solve the issue.

Is it really true that Wyze has been unable to fix the problem that they created now 9 months later?

If so … incredible.

Dual power. Battery or wire powered.


Very disappointing. Time to move on to a more reliable product. Wyze has lost me. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community @Rcm1965! :raising_hand_man: Glad to have you aboard! :grin:

The Beta Firmware currently in testing has shown very positive results in fixing these issues. I am running that version now with much better connectivity and no downtime yet!

You can read the feedback about the ẞFW here:

You can also give it a go if you like, just as a last ditch effort to keep what you have already invested and installed.

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The firmware update for this has been pushed to the public now for anyone still having struggles: