Wyze cam V3!

I’d be happy, and not surprised if they resold Xiaomi’s new cam. The V2 is a a Xiaomi rebrand after all.

Their new cam is in the $20 range, water resistant, 170degree view, H265 video, 920nm IR (cut down on attracting bugs), on board person detection.

It meets all the requirements of the rumors so far except the starlight sensor.

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Waiting for the wave of disappointment lol

No mention of RTPS, but maybe with a separate firmware.

Still 1080p, I was expecting that.

Still 2.4Ghz only, was hoping for better, oh well.

No onboard person detection. That is shocking!

Quite frankly, besides the starlight sensor, the new Xiaomi Can above is equal or better in just about every way. It does have person detection, and a wider field of view. And is H265, though it remains to be seen if the V3 is too

There is a mention, it’s in the support pages. Check out the rest of the v3 support pages for more info on other things.

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Yup. :frowning:

This is more like a V2.5 really. Should have spent the extra 10 bucks for something more updated. I was interested in better resolution and on board PD, not slightly better frame rates and night vision…

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I hope the SoC will change too. There are better platforms today. SW already ran over the HW limitations several times. Edge ML does not have the weakest chance to fit in. I was hoping my shout out will be heard but I got only a pre-canned answer back then. :slight_smile:

To he clear, it’s too late, it’s out. Yes, faster SoC.

I think the biggest thing people will like about this is the waterproofing indoor/outdoor design. Based on the amount of people who complained about the WCO being battery only and the amount of people wanting to run power to their WCO, this will solve that issue.

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Very true.

If people have any V 2 cameras pointed out windows or Mounted outside they will love the amazing color night vision


I look forward to that because I have several pointing out the windows. I’m hoping the new night vision will work a lot better for that application without being able to use the LEDs.

The new night vision is great with a little bit of light outside somewhere it almost looks like daylight


Very sad it’s 1080p, very happy they increased the FPS rate though.

Very sad they didn’t implement RTSP or Edge/Local PD, moderately hopeful that they said RTSP is intended for later, and Local PD is something they are looking into.

Very happy it’s waterproof, color night vision, add-ons coming, siren, better IR, better speaker, and that they are working to get the notifications down to 4-5 seconds with an update in November.

I noticed on the overview that it doesn’t say “Works with Google Assistant” just Alexa. I just about a v2 and it really doesn’t work well with my Nest Hub when you ask it to say you XYZ Cam. :confused:

I’m so tempted to buy like 5 of these and put them up, but if they don’t work with my Nest Hubs, its kinda of a bust for me :frowning: I need easy so my wife can have it working properly the first time. Happy wife, long life!

It should eventually if it doesn’t now.
I know V2’s are having lots of problems with it. I saw in Lifehackster’s review of the V3 that he got it to load within like 16 seconds, indicating that it was working for him. Still, if they really figured it out then you’d think all the V2’s would be working too. Since they’re not, I would just assume it hasn’t been fixed yet since I’m sure the V3’s are using the same code for this.


Google Home worked fine in the Lifehackster video.

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I would be curious to know if you can watch multiple streams on a Ubiquiti AP with this model. There seems to be some issue with the V2s killing Ubiquiti AP networks. I can’t even get Wyze tech support to respond to the issue.


I have an ubiquiti ap lite in my house. Have about 12 cams connected to it plus about 25 other bulbs, amazon dodads, phones, tablets, iot stuffs and have no problem streaming my cameras. I view cams in group mode or single cams at a time with the Wyze app. Have not had issues with any V2s, a V3 or pan. I have one ssid (2.4/5) for phones and tablets, and a 2.4 only one for all my cameras, bulbs, any iot stuff. No issues.