Wyze Cam v3, Pan v2 & v3 Pro Firmware Beta Test 5/17/2023

I am having generally good luck, but it is happening at a little higher rate than what is acceptable. One that is pretty solid failed at an event I really really needed to see yesterday.

Just did some testing and cannot get an error to be thrown.

Will do more testing, but have you tried the norm? Clearing Cache etc.

Haven’t cleared it since yesterday, (which is when I noticed it). It has been cleared since camera updates and the newest app RC though. I can have hours of it being fine, then a random 06.

Ok, I am watching to see if I experience it. Will let you know if I do

I’m back :sweat_smile: anyone seeing this issue:

I have the unlimited cam plus plan and it’s been assigned since device activation.

Log ID: 1052305


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We are looking into the issue of Cam Plus Lite sending alerts even when the alerts are toggled off. Thank you for the logs.


12 seconds with no cooldown either but alerts each 12 seconds. (V3s) . The notifications is annoying but I like the no cooldown :slightly_smiling_face:. I can send logs if they are not aware of this issue.

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We are aware of it and looking into the cause.


I’m seeing incorrect Cam Plus event video upload lengths.
V3 Pro

5/25/23 8:13AM
5/25/23 8:21AM

Log ID: 1054659
iPhone 12 Pro Max
iOS 16.6


Tried updating my pan V2 and it was no longer able to connect to the wifi after. I thought maybe it had crashed during the update and got corrupted, so factory reset it and flashed with the current stable release, tried beta firmware again and same result.

Pan v2 firmware is breaking the wifi on it, it would seem.

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Updated my cams to today’s (June 1), and the new red light issue is still there.

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Understood. Saw your post reporting this in the Beta thread. That is the right place to report it.

Haven’t yet updated as I am currently remote.

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