Wyze Cam v3, Pan v2 & v3 Pro Firmware Beta Test 5/17/2023, which is why I posted here.

Same exact thing is happening to me. Mine is actually capturing motion events.

Right. So it’s the Cam V3. I am testing on several V3 now.

Please verify that “Records Motion Events” is toggled off in the Event Recording settings.

I can verify that all event recording settings for me are turned off, yet it is doing the red light now on motion, as I mentioned above…

How can I force my firmware to the latest Beta version? It says my camera is up to date

Tested V3 on with “Record Motion Events” in Event Recording toggled to Off. Cam did not upload motion events when toggled to Off.

@jeff_sloan, I normally have the status light to all my cams off, however I toggled them on for this test. I can confirm that, with “Record Motion Events” in Event Recording toggled to Off, the status light does change from Red to Blue when motion is detected by the cam.

Because I have all my status lights off, I can’t tell you what it did prior to the update or what it is supposed to do. However, it seems to me that this is appropriate behavior from the cam. The “Record Motion Events” setting in Event Recording that is toggled Off only applies to Event Video uploads to the server. It has no affect on SD Card Recording. Even though it isn’t uploading Events Videos to the server, it can still be recording Motion Videos to the SD Card. If the cam is powered and the status light is enabled, any motion is going to produce a change in the status light even if those motion events aren’t being uploaded. I know that there was a bug in a previous FW version that messed with status lights, but since I don’t use them, I haven’t been tracking what it was or what it did.

You have to be enrolled in the Beta Program thru the Google Play Store. Once enrolled, Beta App updates will show as available in the Play Store labeled as Beta and Firmware updates will show as available in the Device Info page and in the Account Firmware page of the App. You do have to designate which cam models you want to Beta Test in order to be offered the update. Instructions below.

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Tested and all cameras, despite being set to not record events, are triggered and they show up in the events tab. It looks like @jeff_sloan and I are at least encountering this bug.

I have cam plus lite, not sure if that makes a difference. On my setup, I had one camera set previously to allow events.

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That may be all the difference. I have mine on Cam Plus.

Sliding my cams over to CPL to test. Stand by.

Confirmed. On CPL, with Record Motion Events Toggled Off, Motion Events continue to be uploaded and Person Detection continues to tag and notify. Does not occur when cam is assigned to Cam Plus.

Cam Log 1048214

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I have V3’s and V3 Pro’s (that I’ve experienced this issue on so far) sending “sound” notifications when they aren’t set to unless “talking” is detected. In these notifications and in the events log it only has “sound” labeled.

Log ID: 1048388

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I can confirm that the red light never came on in all the time I have had v3 and v3 pro cams (15 pros more than that v3s) if record motion events were off until now.
This includes when they are/were recording 24/7 on the sd card, just not recording events to the cloud.
I have the “unlimited” cam plus plan.
With them set that way, the only time the red light would come on, was when being viewed.
I have my cams shared with someone, and it only lit when they were viewing it, or, if I was viewing it.
Red in this case meant “on the air”.
Since motion events are turned off, there is no need to have an indication that motion is being detected. So this was not a “normal” thing until now.

Every time I move my hand for the remote control does not need to change the light from blue to red after all these years not doing it. It is very distracting and makes you thing something is wrong after all this time having not done that.

Other updates in the past have turned on motion events when I had them off, and then the red light came on a lot, which notified me something was different, and sure enough, motion had ben set on all my cameras just because of an update, and I had to turn them all back off. This is why this time it still makes me think it must have been turned back on. But toggling it on and back off doesn’t change the light behavior now.

I used the red light as a status indicator, and wished that the blue light could be off all the time, and only red come on when being viewed (or recording an event if you want) but that has still not even been acknowledged or mentioned in any posts I have said something about it. Just silence.

Please change the light back to at least the way it was.

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All my v3s record and notify 12 second videos back to back. No 5 minute cooldown. Sometimes it gets annoying when I am in front of the camera. I am on Cam Plus Lite. Anyone else experiencing this?

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By the way I am reading the V3 Status Light description. I now tend to agree with you. This is a bug. The description leads me to believe it should only be Red if uploading:

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Yes on my v3s also on CPL. A « new version » of CamPlus but for persons only and free since Tuesday(may 16).:slightly_smiling_face:

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Seeing a frequent amount of “Error Code: 06.” for cam plus event recording uploads. Camera is in just fine network conditions, not on the edge of wifi coverage. Happening across multiple V3 Pro’s. Missed a critical security event yesterday.

Log ID #1: 1051010

Log ID #2: 1051020

Log ID #3: 1051024

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On iOS, correct? You don’t have an Android to test with?

I am not seeing this on my Android Device. Will check on my iOS shortly.

What version of iOS are you running? I am installing 16.5 now

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Yeah iOS and no android (yet!)

Would iOS have anything to do with event video uploads?

I am running iOS 16.5

I just checked this on my IOS app, and very first event gave me an error code 5… it was a live event, and a few seconds later it was not live and it played. So maybe it was just a fluke.

I tried lots of other events without issues.