Wyze Cam v3 & Pan v2 Firmware RC Test 9/20/2022

Once e again with newest beta clips from one of my cams are not getting uploaded or synced to the cloud so I can’t view them, they got question mark next to them in app and no video playback…

I think developers/engineers went to crazy changing everything after last older stable firmware before all these betas to make optimizations so wyze saves on costs, bills, storage space, cloud…… and that broke all the regular functions we paid for when getting cam plus and cameras….

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Alas, I have a few cameras experiencing this, I have to rely on using PLAYBACK from SD card. The positions of my cameras haven’t changed, so this does indeed seem to be something ‘new’ since recordings to cloud were pretty successful before and now I’m getting greater failures. Since I have two outdoor AP’s servicing my front and back yard, I’m pretty confident it’s unlikely to be a wifi problem.

I thought this was just my craziness, I have the same issue. Luckily it’s not a time warp and still continues to get all the relevant capture, but it’s a noticeable pause just after 4s. Not that this makes me happy, but at least I’m not losing frames of captures (or at least not that I can tell).

Have you submitted a log for Wyze to look at? It would help out if you do.

Make sure you submit a log of this.

I just double checked more videos and I’m still seeing the video frame loss on certain V3’s but not all. Some are solid, while others all follow the same format: the first few seconds are fine, then a few seconds are lost or garbled, then from there on it’s fine. The V3 cameras that have this problem do it consistently while the rest are fine. None of my V2’s have had this issue. All my cameras seem to be reliable now (don’t fall offline) except for one floodlight cam which I just noticed has lost it’s floodlight control. The floodlight functionality is gone and it doesn’t show the floodlight in settings anymore, and the camera occasionally falls offline. My V3 with garage door controller still occasionally looses the controller, and a power cycle is required to fix it, though this seems to be happening less often now and the issue was present before the latest beta.

I created LOG ID 727187 for one of them…

So true!

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Hey there,

Since updating to one of my V3’s have totally dropped off the network and I am unable to re connect to the camera. I have tried various restarts and I am unable to re setup the camera. The light on the front is solid blue.

Log ID: 730420


In this latest .2632 release, it seems like there’s a high degree of cloud-upload failures, resulting in the “Failed to upload” error on events with the ? HELP button. I doubt it’s going to be much use for me to report every single one of them with logs, but the camera that faces my front yard had 4 CONSECUTIVE videos that had this error. On the stable firmware, there were fewer failures across all my cameras put together compared to now with this one camera alone.


V3 Beta FW question\issue:

In Detection Settings, with Sound Detection toggled OFF, why are the Smart Detection toggles for all the sound initiated events still able to be toggled on? Shouldn’t Barking, Meowing and Crying be disabled and greyed out if Sound Detection is off?

With the AI specific Smart Detection toggles off in the Detection Settings, shouldn’t the corresponding Notifications settings toggles also be disabled and greyed out? How can I turn on a Person Notification if the Person Detection is off? It works this way for the sound detection. If it is off, there is no possibility of turning on notifications for sounds.

How can these three settings pages be reflecting accurate settings?

Log 730397


Sorry for the trouble. Is the LED status light still solid blue? If so, could you please try to factory reset the camera and then try to re-setup it? Please let me know if that doesn’t work. Thank you. https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360031484511-How-to-factory-reset-your-Wyze-Cam-v1-v2-v3-or-Pan-v1-v2#:~:text=With%20the%20Wyze%20Cam%20plugged,hold%20it%20for%2020%20seconds.


This should be a bug on the camera detection. We will work on that. Thank you for the feedback.


Sorry for the trouble. Could you please submit a log and let me know the timestamp of these 4 events? Thank you.


Hey! :slight_smile:

The LED is still solid blue and when I press and hold the setup button nothing happens.


Before doing the factory reset, please remove the SD card. Please press the setup button longer than 10 seconds until you hear a ‘click’ sound coming from the device and the the LED of the device will become solid red. After the resetting completes, the LED will become flashing red and you will be able to setup the device,

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731593 Is the log number

The time stamps were included as an image in my submission of the log.


Thank you very much. Could you please also submit another log from the camera setting page? So, we can check the device log. Thanks again!


I cross-posted this from 2.35 App Release Candidate #2 Test 9/22/2022.

Issue with V3 (fw camera video playback and app 2.35.0(9) on iOS.

When I attempt to watch video playback from sdcard it skips an entire minute of recording. It is setup as continuous recording. However, if I gently scrub into that minute, it plays back the section. It appears it has an issue making that transition.

Please see video as attachment for screen recording (compressed for upload).

App Log ID sent 731704.
iPhone 14 Pro w/ iOS 16.0.2



Recorded clips once again played back in events tab from sdcard through network from camera to device, are skipping, missing frames, garbLed, then playback again… so first couple of seconds smooth, next couple missing frames, stops playing, garbled video, then plays again normal…

Don’t know if camera is recording bad video, or corrupting saved video file on sdcard, bad sdcard, maybe needs to be cleaned and formatted for new beta firmware, or it’s just issues in beta firmware causing recordedcevents to not work correctly…


How can I download the image for this version so I can try to flash manually and see if I can recover 2 units of the V3 cam that are bricked with solid red light?