Wyze Cam v3 & Pan v2 Firmware RC Test 9/20/2022

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You’ll have to check out https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024852172-Release-Notes-Firmware to get the last stable releases. Usually Wyze does not provide beta BIN’s and rely on OTA updates for those - unless you get lucky and they’re willing to give it up to you.

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V3 SD Card Playback is skipping playing the first minute of every hour.

@WyzeBaohua @WyzeDesmond I can confirm the issue @SirDom reported above with this same firmware, but I tested it while using the Android app Ver: 2.35.0.b80

I went back to see if I could find a pattern, and interestingly enough for me, the playback is skipping the FIRST minute of every hour just like it did in SirDom’s video above. I can go to any hour on the SD card, scroll to just before it switches to the new hour (example: 9:59:55pm) and tell it to play, and within 1 second of the new hour updating, the playback will skip an entire minute. So in SirDom’s example above you see it skip from 10:00:00 straight to 10:01:01. It is doing this for every single hour on every V3 I’ve tested so far 100% of the time. I am guessing it is happening to every V3 and skipping the first minute of playback of the new hour for everyone on this firmware.

To add to this, just as in SirDom’s issue, I can confirm that the video is actually there. If I scroll to 10:00:01 or later then it will actually play the entire minute that it otherwise skips over.

So far all of my tests on multiple V3’s for multiple times have had this happen 100% of the time, so I’m sure it will be easy for you to reproduce. I’m guessing it is a firmware bug (it is occurring on multiple app versions including on both iOS and Android).

Log 732918

Thanks @SirDom for bringing this to my attention on Discord. :wink: You found a good bug to report.


I just tested mine and it is doing the same on every hour EXCEPT for the most recent top of the hour 00:00 when it changed dates. Checked the same for yesterday. Every top of the hour jumps the first minute except for the first minute if the day.

The player is skipping but the video is continuous. If I drag the timeline to within the skipped minute, it will play that minute. It is only when the player is stitching together contiguous video files from within the same date folder. When it stitches to the next date folder it seems to work fine.


Nice catch!

@Rulwiz also tested using production firmware on the production app and this isn’t happening to him, so even more evidence that it is a Beta firmware thing.

It will be sad to have this firmware release delayed again to fix this issue, but it’s definitely something that needs to be fixed first.


Great catch, I can also confirm its happening on my v3s on beta firmware and the IOS beta app. It is NOT happening on the v2.

App log: 733000


Thank you for reporting this. I will take a look!


I’m getting the error -67 on a couple of my v3’s also. I have to power cycle them to get them back up. Did you ever get any answers? Do we know what the error means?

I just reposted into Fix It Friday the V3 SD Card Playback skipping the first minute of every hour issue, especially since the firmware is public.


Does anyone think this will work on Pan V3?

This firmware is only for the pan v2


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