Why is the group view still unable to load more than 10 cams?

Had to roll back once again to App 2.38.0 (153)
as that version will show ALL 16 cameras in group view mode‼️

This has been an issue for some time, thought I would see if it was finally fixed… But should of known that Whyze still SUCKS…

On the latest App version group view works on the first 10 cameras and the next 6 cameras keep trying to connect but never do

If I click on each camera they work, and after clicking on those 6 cameras they then work on group view and I can scroll through all 16 cams in group and all work.

Close the App and reopen then back to only 10 again, until you check each of those last 6 of 16 again.

Why the heck is this STILL A ISSUE WYZE, WHY!?!?!??

I’m a customer whom never recommends Wyze anymore because of crap like this. Wyze Sucks

What No Replies from the Mavens or Moderators as to this Application Issue,

Please let Wyze know so this can be fixed, this has been an issue for some time

I will answer you on this because I have long appreciated many of the things you share here. In fact of the hundreds of thousands of Forum accounts, I like your stuff the 6th most frequently of anyone on here. So I feel I can back up saying that I DO appreciate and like you here, and I even find a lot of your criticism to be helpful sometimes.

I can only speak for myself (not Wyze, or other mavens/mods). While I do love to help people who are looking for help, I also know that some people use the forums to vent. Sometimes when someone is venting, they don’t really want me, or any other maven/mod/employee to say anything. In fact, it’s very common for people who are venting to suddenly attack us as if we are responsible for their frustration. Some of them may try to start throwing around legal threats. This is particularly more common the more aggressive the wording is.

For me, this kind of wording tends to make me avoid getting involved in a conversation because when I do try to help or answer or whatever, it usually blows up in my face, escalating things more than helping (as helping was my intent):

That kind of wording blinks in my head as “Danger Zone…proceed with caution, maybe just avoid it entirely…they may be wanting to vent more than anything, and you might make it worse or become the target of their wrath,” or other similar instinctual feelings/thoughts.

Sometimes I might even verify things silently or pass things on behind the scenes, but not engage in public where I might cause more harm than good in various ways, including giving the wrong impression to a brand new person. For example, I originally came to the forums because of how they felt like a better, more helpful environment than I was seeing on Reddit, and more of what I was looking for in discussing ideas and discussing ways to use devices, etc that I wasn’t seeing on Reddit. I didn’t like all the aggression and disrespect that I was seeing there back when I was first excited about Wyze. I still check out the Wyze subreddit sometimes, but I made the forums my primary Wyze platform because I enjoyed the more helpful and positive environment I found here with more other people that had a similar love for Wyze as me. I’ve loved Discord a lot for that too.

Don’t misunderstand though, I do believe strongly that criticism and sharing negative experiences are REALLY critical and important! I support and encourage people to share such things. I post criticisms and weaknesses of devices A LOT…all the time, as well as suggestions for things that need to be fixed or changed, and I try to do it in a way that is constructive.

Some users may think that showing extreme anger or threats makes something get taken more seriously, but in my experience it makes most people want to avoid the situation entirely. The whole catch more with honey than with vinegar thing. I think people start to avoid and disengage the more angry someone becomes in a thread. Other users start to unsubscribe from threads/topics, or block/mute users, and it actually gets less support and less attention that way.

That’s not to say that I only interact with people who are happy or love Wyze. That would be rather boring and pointless. On the contrary, I LOVE to interact with people who indicate they need or want help, I even enjoy conversations with people who disagree with me. Customer is one of my favorite people to have discussions with and he contradicts or disagrees with me all the time, but I have come to know that he always shows me courtesy and never directs his emotions at me, and won’t make feel like I’m trapped in an emotionally volatile situation I just want to extricate myself from. I mostly come here to enjoy myself, and I don’t necessarily ENJOY when things have high emotional levels involved. In those cases, I will usually refer them to report the issue to support.

So, it’s not that I didn’t read this, or that I just ignored it…I just didn’t want to get involved in an emotionally volatile situation. You asked why there were no replies, and like I said, I can only speak for myself…but high emotional writing is a big caution/warning flag for me. All too often people will take their anger and frustration out on me, and I don’t like to purposely put myself in the line of fire when a situation is extremely emotionally charged and volatile and may be primarily a vent post. It is sometimes hard to know, especially when the conclusion seems to be already made that even if this issue gets resolved everything still sucks no matter what and even if I got this fixed somehow, it doesn’t help in any way because there is too much bad to make any difference for the user. In those cases, I almost feel like I am doing the person a disservice by interacting and giving them hope or reassuranceor whatever. If they already decided they hate everything about the company so badly, that no solution and nothing at all will help change that, then I worry that I would just be dragging out their pain/suffering with a small bandaid by telling them I am trying to help with this one issue…like giving the wrong medical treatment for something I can’t possibly cure, especially when I am not a physician.

Don’t misunderstand bryonhu, I LOVE interacting with you in lots of posts when emotions don’t seem as highly charged, and I love your posts about the things you’ve done with your cameras, and remote setups and you have amazing advice on so many things. In fact, if you look at your profile, As I already said above, of the hundreds of thousands of users in this forum, I am listed as liking your posts the 6 most of everyone! So I really DO appreciate you and I DO enjoy interacting with you and reading a lot of your stuff. Don’t doubt that. I don’t WANT you to leave or ditch your Wyze stuff. I even have some of your posts bookmarked because I want to do some setups like you did. You bring some great value here with many things you’ve shared.

It’s nothing personal if I don’t respond to one of your posts. Sometimes I might feel I have nothing noteworthy to contribute, and sometimes I might think you are mostly venting, and sometimes I might not be in the mood for high emotion, or I might want to avoid “arguing” or exacerbating a situation, plus, I’m not actually an employee or contractor or anything…I’m just a knowledgeable user who likes to use my knowledge to help people out. Severe impact issues should mostly be directed to Support. The more people who report something will show them a pattern of important things.

Hopefully that helps explain it. Basically, Honey vs Vinegar…I purposely limit my time on Reddit, and I don’t have Facebook partially because I don’t LIKE having too much contention/conflict in my life. I don’t come here for that. Mostly I come here as a break while working, and I LOVE being able to help people who I am confident I can help and want my help and will be grateful for it. I am somewhat of an introvert by nature, so friction/conflict/emotionally-charged situations just makes a voice in my head scream at me that I should move on to something that isn’t as likely to ruin my day and make it harder to get work done after my break.

As for the original post here…I did not realize before now that the group view only loads 10 cameras. If this is being discussed in another thread somewhere, it’s usually best to continue the conversation there, rather than start a new thread, because it loses all the following clout and makes the issue look like fewer people care or noticed it.

It sounds like you are saying this started just after
I could look it up, but is that Android or iOS? And does anyone know if it happens in the other platform too?
I didn’t notice this, or I forgot about it because I’ve never tried to put more than 10 cams in a group, so it never affected me.

I don’t read every single post in here, though I do read more than most others. For this week I’m listed as reading 6th most amount of posts. I’m only 11th on ALL-time. 1st place has read 4 times as many posts as I have. :person_shrugging: So I’m not even close to reading everything.

It sounds like you’re saying it used to be able to show 16 in a group and now it’s been reduced to 10, is that a correct summary?
It sounds like we may have a good case for calling it a bug instead of an intentional feature change. Have you submitted logs or contact support with a support ticket?
What exactly happens when you update the app while having 16 cameras in there? Does it make some of them not show up suddenly? Does it kick them out of the group? What happens when you try to add more than 10 cameras in a group in the newer app versions? Does it give an error?
Help me understand what exactly is going on.


He’s pissed because he had one foot out the door and got SUCKED back in by a half price sale. :wink:


I would have guessed ambivert. :slight_smile:


10lbs of word salad :rofl: Carver,

As I said in my post above, minus the negativity :grin:

On the latest App version group view works on the first 10 cameras and the next 6 cameras keep trying to connect but never do

If I click on each camera they work, and after clicking on those 6 cameras they then work on group view and I can scroll through all 16 cams in group and all work.

Close the App and reopen then back to only 10 again, until you check each of those last 6 of 16 again.

Only version 2.38.0 (153) allows me to scroll through all 16 cams in group view without having to open the last 6 of 16 cameras to get them to work in group view… Issue is the same on multiple Android devices.


I had this problem many years ago and simply resorted limiting groups to a max of 8 cams. I haven’t tried more than 8 per group since, but will try to recreate this issue late this afternoon. If valid (most likely), we need to post in the latest public app topic and Fix it Friday topic for Wyze visibility. I think those 2 topics are:

Wyze app 2.40 Released - 3/8/2023

Fix-It Friday 3/3/2023

The Fix it Friday topic is probably locked out by now and we may have to wait until the next iteration.


I believe this bug first appeared with the app 2.38 hotfix, which, among other things, was to “improve the camera group experience.” If anything, it broke it.

I had reported this bug in the same thread:

and have seen others report the issue elsewhere. I guess not enough users create cam groups of more than 10 to make this a priority for Wyze.


Exactly :bangbang:

This has been a bug for some time, I just kept using the old App… Silly Me I figured after ALL this time since bug was originally reported that maybe they fixed it by now.

My bad, I should of known better :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@bryonhu , I hope all is well with you. Can you provide a bit more information:

  • App Version you are using
  • Camera Group 1:
    • The Camera Group Name
    • The Camera Models you have in the group
  • Camera Group 2:
    • The Camera Group Name
    • The Camera Models you have in the group

Can you also provide a video of what is happening so that I can test and try to reproduce.

Here is why I am asking, I have 15 cameras and created 2 groups: 10 in one and 5 in the other. I have not been able to reproduce the reported issue.

I am using the current Android Beta App 2.41.0.b196 and also beta FW on some of the camera.

My Group 1 was labeled as G1 and contained the following models:

  • Outdoor Battery Camera
  • V3Pro
  • V3

My Group 2 was labeled as G2 and contained the following models:

  • Flood Light
  • OG-S
  • OG-T
  • Pan Cam

Any Information you can provide would be great.

Thanks in Advance.


That is very much appreciated! :slight_smile: Makes me feel a lot more comfortable being in the thread and happy to help out and enjoy being here without emotional risks. :slight_smile: Since I’m just a user too, Wyze doesn’t really tell me what to do, I go where I want and help where I feel I can make a difference and feel good about the interaction with still having a good day, and this kind of interaction makes me a lot happier, so I am much more likely to put in the efforts I can and feel good about it.

Thanks @bryonhu for the clarifications to my questions about the issue, and thanks @Aardvark for the links to your original report. That will probably be very helpful for any devs locating the original source of the issue.

Haha, yes! I am infamous for that. Lots of us (including me) joke around about how loquacious I am (I truly do not mind the good-natured teasing at all, and I even join in and enjoy it myself). I have suspected it may partially come from a subconscious concern of being misunderstood, so I sometimes end up saying too much or repeating myself in different ways, which unfortunately can also cause the opposite effect of that intention. Instead of helping to make sure people understand me better, sometimes it ironically makes certain TLDR; personality types pay less attention to what I say because it’s too much. Other Detail-oriented people often love it, but not everyone. Ah well.

I trust Seapup to recreate this and test on both Android and iOS. If more is still needed, I can try this same thing later this week too by combining a few of my groups temporarily to get more than 10.

I have bookmarked your clarification post so at the worst case scenario I will be reminded to follow-up on this for the next Fix-it-Friday event on May 5th in 2.5 weeks so that we can submit it then. It almost definitely seems like an unintentional bug, with more than one person confirming there is an issue, and it was a great one to report and bring to Wyze’s attention.

Make a group with more than 10 cams in that group.

I have 16 and the last 6 have Issue with trying to connect.

Android all versions above 2.38.0 (153) are affected on 3 different Android devices. Not going to reload the latest version again as I would have to delete to rollback once again…

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Ok, so you have 1 group not multiple groups. I misread it then. I thought you were saying you had 2 groups.

Will test it now.


Can you provide your Camera Models as well?

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Just tested, 15 cameras in one group, scrolling up and down on the group list and the cameras stream when I get to the cameras. I do not notice any issues while streaming up or down on the camera lists and everything continues to stream. The Battery Cameras need to be started, but that is expected.

In the group of 16 cameras 15 V3’s and one V3 pan cam.
3 Android devices have the problem and Aardvark has the same issue so it’s not just me…

All 16 will work if I leave group view to view each camera (the last 6) then after viewing each camera then going back to group view they will work and I can scroll through all 16 which will then connect…

But close App then the last 6 don’t load in group view again…

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Interesting. I will need to do some more testing. I still have not been able to reproduce it. But will work on it some more in a bit.

Have you provided any logs of this?

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Is there a way to create a log for the App?

Cameras are fine and it’s only the Application

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Yes. Account > Wyze support > submit a log > Wyze app and services.

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What @IEatBeans said. Then I choose other and enter the iss


Can you share the model of router you have as well as you upload and download speeds?

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It is not the router because the old version App I roll back too works fine. Furthermore if each camera of the last 6 in group are viewed then going back to group view it is fine until App is closed and opened again.

Router is a Advantech ICR-3241-1ND cellular router, seriously doubt anyone here has that including Aardvark whom has same issue.

I could make my groups no larger than 10 cameras and all works just like with Aardvarks cameras/app

Internet speed is asymmetrical 15 up 15 down maximum and usually it is around 10 up / 10 down.

Again I have no issues with these speeds using the App in group view with 16 cams in group on older version v2.38.0 (153) - Just Have Issues with ALL Versions after that to current version of App