Why is the group view still unable to load more than 10 cams?

Okay loaded latest version and still the problem exists,
Did the send a log stuff (see image)

Now I have to delete this broken App and roll back to v2.38.0 (153) then fix my custom notifications sounds for Wyze cam again :poop:

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Are some of your cams OGs or OGTs? I recently noticed that since adding one of each to my setup (now 18 cams total in the group), that the OG and OGT seem to be immune to this issue. Instead of only 10 cams of 16 working (before the OG/OGT were added), 12/18 work with the OG and OGT included. The OG and OGT always work, regardless of where they are positioned within the group. Of the older cams (a v2 and a number of v3, Pan v1, and Pan v2), only the first 10 work within the group.

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I have 2 OG Series Cams OGS and OGT, both work in the group and stream without issues.

I also have Mostly V3’s and some V3Pro’s. Then a Pan V3, a few outdoor battery cameras, and a floodlight .

Hmmm, I wonder if your V3Pro and/or Pan V3 are also “immune” like the OG series?

No issue with either when testing, but I did not have any issues with my V3 standard cameras as well. I also made it a point to start the Battery Cameras so I was streaming all when I scrolled.

But I generally don’t group any of my cameras as I decided to use Wyze Web View if I want to see more than once camera streaming


But if there is no issues with 8 or less cameras, I wonder if it is a resource or device issue.

I utilize a Pixel 7 pro, but can test on my Pixel 6 and Samsung Z-Flip to see if there are issues with either of those.

I also have an iOS device I use for testing.

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You may have to have a group of >10 of the older cams to experience the issue. I don’t have a V3Pro or Pan V3 to test with.

The issue is present on all of my Android devices (phones and tablets). No iOS devices to test with.

I would like to be able to use Web View as well, but unfortunately it has not been very reliable for me.


So what models are you using. I have a number of V2 Cameras Pan Cam V2, and other devices, I can set those up and then test again.

One other thing to note: I also have Cam Plus on all of my Cameras.

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I am using one v2, a number of v3, Pan v1, Pan v2, and 1 each OGS and OGT. All are on CP with latest firmware (beta, if applicable).


On the affected group 15 V3’s plus one V3 pan-cam

Also noticed it affected my other smaller group of V3’s too this last time too…

Sad that I have to run the older version app for it to work correctly, very dissatisfied with Wyze

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So I will set those up again for my testing process. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback. I also have a bunch of V3’s. I call it a sickness. :slight_smile:

I have a Wyze Drawer of devices yet to be installed or items repalced with newer devices.

Any updates on this issue?

Was this brought up and acknowledged on Fix it Friday?

Have not heard anything yet.

Will reach out again

Tried the latest version of App on multiple Android devices, the problem needs fixed.

I guess Wyze doesn’t really care as this has been an issue for some time.

Running the older app still works as it should.

This is frustrating when it has been mentioned by others too :rage:

Regrouped the cams into 2 groups of 8

The first group All 8 a viewable in group view.

The second group of 8
Only the first 2 stream in the group the other 6 never connects in group view, but selecting and going back those cams work until app is closed.

Seems Wyze doesn’t want to support more than 10 cams

Time to start looking for a replacement brand as Wyze probably won’t fix this issue…

What Wyze may be saying to you if you don’t be nice. :wink:

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Fix it Friday is once a month on the first Friday of the month, so we have to wait until the next one on 5/5/23.

While all of the submissions are reviewed and looked at by Wyze, they only pick the one with the largest amount of votes, indicating that particular issue is affecting the largest amount of users, to get weekly reports, action plan, updates on how it’s going, etc. But at least either way it will get a little more visibility.

Honestly, it’s usually pretty easy to get your issue to win on Reddit or Discord because not as many people participate in upvoting on things, so you often only need a couple people to support something for it to be considered as affecting the most people on that platform. The forum has a lot more participation.

Either way, May 5th is still a week and a half away and then the first report is posted the next Friday.


@bryonhu @Aardvark

I have received notice from Wyze that they found the issue with Grouping a lot of cameras, more than 10, and then there is issues with Displaying the camera feed. They are fixing it and will provide the update in a future app release.

Just wanted to pass this on.

Thanks for the provided logs and information