Is there a limit to the number of cam you cam have?

Sorry if this question was posted before new to this forum…I have about 14 cams at two locations. When I assigned some of the cams to a group…it would take longer than normal for the cams to load. I would have to close the apps and open again to get the cams to display a live view. When i had more than 8 cams in a group the app would crash. I liked the view when in a group but the app crashed often more than it did not. I deleted the group and still crashes but not as often. I have a mix of camv2 and OGs

I think you will find this thread helpful.


it would take a little over 40 cameras live steaming at once to get to 50% of the 100Mbit/s real-world throughput of a single-stream 150Mbps 802.11n network. Exceed 50%, and you will start encountering issues.

However, that’s local. You are talking about multiple locations. Also, whether they were grouped or not. There was an issue awhile back where grouping was very inefficient. What device and app version are you using?

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So once I removed them from the group I am not having nearly as many problems. When in a group and go over 6 cameras the app would crash or be very slow to open the camera. Deleted the group and the app has not crashed yet.