Have to reload app to view camera groups ( &

Started having to reload app to view group cameras for last two android app versions ( & Otherwise few cameras in the group will get stuck at “Loading Live Stream” animation. Then I have to swipe home and reload app. Reverted back to the problem went away.

Anyone is experiencing this problem ? Thanks.

Yes, I see this too (Android 2.39).

Not sure when it started though.

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I am not experiencing the same issues, but I am on the latest Beta App 2.40.0.b180.

If you are interested in trying that you can sign-up to be a beta tester by going here:

Become a Beta Tester – Wyze

and follow the instructions. You can always opt out of the Beta Program and install the prod app again.

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The last two updates ( & had this problem when they changed the group viewing animation etc… or older version didn’t have this problem. I have multiple phones and tablets and this issue is very repeatable. Switching back to or older version will have the problem gone.

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I’ve been experiencing this (or similar) issue ever since the 2.38 hotfix, as I reported here:

and here:

And the issue remains (Android beta app 2.40.0 (b180)).

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Probably @WyzeJasonJ and @spamoni4 can comment on this. Even beta still have this problem😥. I keep using for my main phone while my other phones and tablets have the latest.

This type of unreliability is like a cancer for the product.
You guys at Wyze need to invest in QA.

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Hi @catcat1386 @B57 @Aardvark Could you please let me know if you are still experiencing this issue on 2.40 official app? If so do you mind to directly message me a screen recording showing that along with applog. Thank you so much!

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Thanks! I have already dm @WyzeJasonJ an applog ID and 33 seconds of screen recording of group cams stuck @ Loading Live Stream.

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Got it. I will talk to Jason. Thank you so much!

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I have been seeing this quite a bit lately as well, and it still happens in this new 2.40 version of the Android app that was just released. I don’t recall when it started, but it was at least in the previous 2.39 Android version.

It always manifests in the same way for me:

At the top of the home screen, I have 5 camera groups with 2-4 cameras in each group, and then I have a single camera on the home page, then all my other devices (plugs, lights, sensors, either singly or in groups) come after that.

I usually start at the top of the home screen, and go down through each group, checking the multi-view of the cameras in each group. When I get to the 5th group (the last camera group before the home screen single camera), the cameras in that group show the “Loading Live Stream …” message for all cameras in that group, and no matter how long I sit there, that message doesn’t go away. But if I click on each camera in that group to go to the single live view of that camera, then the live stream does come up for each camera.

Whether I view each camera in that group separately, or not, when I give up and return to the home page and go to the single camera next on the list, it comes up with no problem.

Instead of starting at the top and going to each group in order, if I go directly to the 5th group, then the live view of the cameras in group #5 come up fine.

To see the live view of the cameras in group #5 in the group view, I force-close the app, then go directly to group #5, and the live view of the cameras in that group view come up fine.

If I reverse the order, and start with group 5 and go from the bottom group to the top group, then when I get to the top group, I then I get the same “Loading live stream…” message for the cameras in the group view for the first group.

If it is important, here is what I have in these groups:

  • Group 1: two V3 cameras
  • Group 2: one V3 and one Pan Cam V3
  • Group 3: three V3, and one Pan Cam V3
  • Group 5: two V3 cameras
  • Group 5: four V2 cameras
  • Then the ungrouped camera on the home screen is a V3

It seems like the app might be running out of memory or something after viewing that many cameras in that many groups, and the live view in the group multi-view can’t load the live views any more.

My phone is:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • Android 10
  • 6 GB ram (4 GB in use, 2 GB free)
  • 64 GB internal storage (65% full)
  • 64 GB external (SD card) storage (14% full)
  • only Wyze and FileExplorer app running
  • no additional background apps running
  • Wyze app settings: Cache File Size 61 MB, background mode disabled, hardware decoder enabled

This is an inconvenience for now, that I can live with this until it is fixed. It is easily resolved temporarily by force-closing the app and restarting, then going to that specific group.


You can dm @WyzeDesmond screen recording and app log. @WyzeDesmond is working with developers to fix this android group streaming problem.

Hi, Thanks for reporting this. Could you please pass me an two applogs.

  1. The regular sequence where you start from group one and stuck at group 5
  2. Shut down the app and restart. Start from group 5 and go reversely.

Thank you so much!

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I posted the 2 logs.

For #1, 966361 - Force close app, start at #1, go to #2, #3, #4, then #5, send log
For #2, 966367 - Force close app, start at #5, go to #4, #3, #2 and #1, send log

But #2 had a problem that was not according to the description. In group #5, 2 of the cameras reported as offline, but the other 2 loaded fine. When I got to group #1, then the live view in the group view, had the “Loading live stream” message, that never went away.