Unable to perform network setup of Wyze Robot Vacuum

Great point. When I reinstalled Wyze, the version jumped to v2.16.55 from 2.16.23.

I decided to set up the vacuum today (I’ve had it for a few weeks). After reading this thread I am not having high hopes to get it working right now.

I am experiencing the same issues others are on this thread.

I have been wanting to set up a separate IoT network anyway so maybe this is the catalyst for me to actually do that.

I am aware of many IoT devices preferring 2.4Ghz so this is not an uncommon things at all, it’s just rather frustrating that it still doesn’t work.

My google wifi might have some blame. There is no way to turn off the 5ghz radio, a feature of google wifi is that it connects the device to the best radio.

I have tried it with my android phone and an iphone with the same result. I also went to the opposite end of the house where my phone was connected on the 2.4ghz so it’s likely the vacuum is connected to 2.4ghz.

I turned on airplane mode on both devices. I’ve tried every suggestion on this thread.

yikes!! i received my vacuum from fedex on the 23rd and tried to set it up as quickly as possible but it seems i missed the important announcement that setup cannot be completed after the 22nd. im an iOS user with the latest beta version of the app (2.17.11) on my iphone 11 pro max. im also running the latest version of the regular app on my ipad (2.16.48). ive tried with multiple routers and both the regular and beta versions of the app with no success. parts of the wyze website state if setup is not completed by jan 20 the device is bricked while another page says setup must be done by jan 22 and theres a banner at the top of some support pages stating no cutoff date and to update the app and firmware as quickly as possible. other reports suggest this is a server issue and not an app issue.

can we please have ONE definitive answer to this conundrum, whether its to ship it back or hold out for an app update?

I received my Vacc on the 22, but couldn’t get it working until the 23rd, when they dropped a slightly updated Wyze app. Very happy, now

thank you for replying to my message to let me know how happy you are that your vacuum works! unfortunately mine still doesnt work! instead of bragging about how yours works and how happy you are maybe you can lend us a hand and help resolve the issue?

did you only update your app?
are/were you using a beta version of the app?
are you using android or iOS?
did you have to try with more than one router or phone?
did you have to configure advanced wifi settings in your router?
if so what make and model is your router and what specific settings did you change.
do you have any legitimate advice for resolution of this issue?

since my last message ive tried throwing another wireless router into the mix and have reinstalled both the regular and beta versions of the app with no success

ive also tried isolating my network to single standards only (b,g,n,ac) with no success. on my oldest router i get a bad password error that i assume is from the routers weak encryption, on another router i got a poor network error message.

short of buying a new router im running out of options.

if we could get a unified clear response to this issue would be nice. im thinking i might have to send this back according to one support page. considering shipping delays and product availability im guessing it would be another month at least before i receive a new unit. another support page says another app update is coming in a few days as well. so should i wait for the app update or start the RMA process?

Well let’s just assume that you mean that in the nicest way possible. You are likely as frustrated as I was, but please don’t direct it at me.
I wasn’t bragging, I was communicating to the group that after a day of frustration, I was able to get it working because WYZE dropped an updated app. That’s all it took. (But man, it should be this hard!)

Here’s the forum news post:

To answer your follow up questions:
Yes, I only updated the app (what else could I update?)
Now running v 2.16.48 on IOS
Not a beta, the regular release through the IOS App Store
Only used with my EERO mesh routers and my iPhone 11 Plus pro
I didn’t change anything on the router, although I may have had 5G disabled. I posted previously on this thread how to do that. But I’m not sure it was still disabled when I was able to make the aetup work with the new app.
Legitimate advice? How about, bite me :stuck_out_tongue:!

What are you particulars as to app version and OS?


I’m having the same issue, using iPhone 11 and the updated app v2.16.48. Keep getting ‘Request binding failed’. Nothing seems to work. According to this https://wyzelabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360055639571 we could be out of luck in establishing a connection and updating the robot firmware. Now thinking about returning the defective product.

I just received my vac yesterday after preordering in Nov, and initial tracking number provided Jan 4th (I’m in Michigan). So now my vac is rendered dumb? This is so unlike Wyze as a company. Seems like they are pushing too many products to fast.

Wyze support, please update us with relevant info (like all the new product emails I receive).


I’m also on iOS (Wyze v2.16.48) and can’t get my vac setup after receiving it on the 23rd. I tried many of the same suggestions in this thread without any luck. While I can’t get it to connect, I am letting it vacuum the house. I noticed that the white lights are on and flashing and checked my router. It is actually connected to my network and sending/receiving data. My guess from reading the thread and support information is that there is a problem on their backend that is not allowing the vac to associate with the account or something along those lines. I’m hopeful that they will have the new version of the app soon as mentioned on the support page.

Same issues with setup here. Noticed there is a micro USB port under a rubber flap on the bottom. Would a simple app to update the firmware using a PC be a better solution then shipping a bunch of robot around the country? Or maybe letting all the current vacuum’s connect before doing the server side change, if like you say there was no security issues. Can’t see to figure out why they would handle the issue in this matter. Some transparency from Wyze is called for in this situation. Not to mention some communication. How many people trouble shot for multiple hours before coming across the link in a forum post to let us know its a server issue? Would have been a good idea to put a pop up in the app letting everybody know, its not your set up, its on our end, here is the actions to take to resolve. Quite disappointed in Wyze ATM. Think they need to slow down and make sure we have quality over quantity of products. Preordering a product is not anywhere near signing up to be a beta tester. Rant over, now I sit and wait for a response from Wyze.

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Anyone experiencing this issue can you let me know if this is the first time you are setting up the vacuum or if it was previously installed. Are you using Android or iOS and what is the app version number you are using.

If you are using iOS please make sure you are updated to v2.16.48

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I’ve tried multiple times, using the tricks mentioned in the app and in this thread, to add the vacuum using both my android and my wife’s iPhone with no luck. I ordered it on November 10th and received it yesterday Jan 23d.

Do I need to return it?

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I do not work for Wyze so I do not know if you will have to return it, I am compiling information to present to Wyze to aid them in finding the cause of this issue. Could you tell me what app versions you tried with.

Sorry I forgot to include the app versions.

Android: 2.17.6
iPhone: 2.16.48

Apologies I hit submit before putting the version. I initially tried my wife’s because I have the Beta on my Android and wanted to verify it wasn’t causing the problem.

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Ios v2.16.48
First time setup.

Tried multiple routers with and without 5ghz.

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Android, Wyze app v2.16.55, Vac was working, received update 1/19, then unit lost wifi connection. Deleted app, now can’t get app to perform network setup. Data off, 2G. Add device > select network > connect vac but WVCR_XXX never appears. Numerous attempts, no luck.

Anyone know how I can find the robot mac address so I can see if it’s even attached to my network?

My MAC starts 7C-7B-xxxxxxx. I can see it attached to my network sending and receiving packets, but the lights still flash white and it doesn’t complete install to the app. This definitely appears to be a communication issue between the vac and the mothership server.

I found it. Thanks. Connected and sending packets.

first time set up here using iOS and app versions 2.17.11(beta version) and version2.16.48

i turned off cellular data on my phone and even switched 5ghz off my router.
i tried switching between b/g/n/mixed on my router.
i factory reset both my router and my modem.
i tried uninstalling and reinstalling both versions of the app
i have tried different security protocols on my router.
it fails every time

i figured that at least the beta version would have worked but its the same story no matter which version i use