IMPORTANT APP UPDATE: 2.16.55 for Android and 2.16.46 for iOS - 1/16/21

Howdy, forum friends!

We have a VERY important app update going out. When 2.16.55 for Android or 2.16.46 for iOS is available, please update! It has cloud change compatibility as well as bug fixes like for the landing page freeze when someone hasn’t used the app for a while and the Map freezing issues with Wyze Robot Vacuum.

Read our Release Notes:


No mention of the changes to the user interface for the motion and contact sensors? When I tap on a sensor I get a new screen I’ve never seen before.

Also, the vac teases a dark mode for the app, and is when we will we see that system wide?

I still don’t see a map editor for wyze vacuum in the settings screen. Am I missing something?


What are the " Added compatibility with cloud-side changes" and does it affect cameras?


Agree, talk about saying something that says nothing. SMH

What are the ‘cloud side changes’? What happens to older versions of the app? Will they be ‘permanently’ broken making this a forced update?

Hopefully this fixes the complete lockup of my phone I was experiencing. Thankfully I still use a phone (LG G5) that has a removable battery as even my power button wasn’t working to reboot.


I signed up for the beta app and map editor is there. It took a couple of days before I got the firmware update for the WRV, but once I had the firmware and app both updated the map editor was there.

I got the vac map editor a few days ago with a vac firmware update. I didn’t have it prior to that.

My vac is at 1.6.75. Is this the latest firmware release?

I downloaded 1.6.95 late last night. Are you pay of the beta program?

I’m guessing you are? Saw this in the iOS update however I don’t see anything in the app.

Same here

I updated the firmware yesterday which allowed me to choose what rooms I want to vacuum and the IOS app today and I don’t see a map editor in settings like the release note for the app says.

Interesting how this thread morphed from an announcement about a new version of the app to vacuum firmware. :thinking:


[quote=“R_T, post:6, topic:156449”]
What are the ‘cloud side changes’? What happens to older versions of the app? Will they be ‘permanently’ broken making this a forced update?[/quote]
Can you please address this question for those of us who have purposely not updated the app and/or firmware?

Cannot play events.
Just froze app.
It is the same problem as last released version.

Pls fix whatever the video format or your embbeded player.

Nothing in the release notes to indicate this problem was addressed - or even considered.

Much the same as with the V2 and CamPan F/W where a bug was introduced about 4 releases back and still exists in the most recent release.

There is No Reason for Wyze advertize as Important update if User cannot play video.

You won’t get any argument from me about that. But then Wyze has demonstrated many times over that testing and Q/A is not high on their priority list.

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