Selective ignorance

I’m hopeful that wyze is working on a AI feature that would allow us to select a recurring annoyance motion object and remove it from detection.

For clarification, can you give an example of these objects? Is the object in different areas of the view? Or the same spot? Would the existing selectable detection zone work?

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I should have mentioned these are pan cams. They are obsessed with every moving fixed object. When in scan mode they get fixed on an object and forget to scan. One object is a palm tree, AI identifies it as a pet. On another pan cam in our pool area it gets stuck watching the water ripples and forgets to scan. If I turn off panning I can’t see the entire area, if I turn off tracking it won’t follow an intruder. I hope this clarifies it for you. Thanks

Another pan cam in my family room locks in on our ceiling fan. I can walk right by it and it doesn’t see me.

More details are better, yes, :slight_smile:

So you have motion tracking AND pan scan enabled?

What else is in view in the event? The way the recognized object tagging works on the server end, the AI looks at the entire view for objects that it recognizes and if any are seen, it tags the event as such. The detected motion isn’t necessarily what the AI recognized and tagged. Recognize objects can be either moving or stationary, somewhere in frame.

For this use case, I’d recommend multiple fixed cameras with overlapping coverage coving the area of importance. I have several pan cams and eventually only ever used them as glorified fixed cameras as I disabled the motion tracking and pan scanning. I left them in use because if I wanted to manually scan around I could, but added another camera to get 100% coverage of an area.

Also, you should check out the Wishlist as it looks like your request is covered by a couple existing topics:

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Something I think that might solve this would be…instead of telling it what to ignore, just tell it what kind of thing to track (and thus ignore everything else). So a sort of Whitelist solution instead of a blacklist solution:

Give a pan camera local/edge AI detection and then have an option to make it only track selected AI objects. Anything else can be ignored (branches/foliage, flag, whatever). If we could tell it to only track a person or pet, that would be fantastic!

I’m sure they’ll have to build a new Pan camera that can support local AI to be able to do this (since the past pan cams can’t support it with their limited resources), but that would be a great camera.



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