Object Detection Failure

I have had to disable notifications from my Wyze cam because it fails to differentiate between objects and notifies me every time tree leaves or plants move in the wind. Is this normal? Does this change once you subscribe to annual service or are Wyze cam users destined to have constant and relentless notifications about tree leaf movement? I sincerely hope this is not the case. Thank you


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I have Cam Plus and have dealt with this as well.

Not sure if you are on the Basic \ No Subscription Plan or CamPlus Lite.

The Basic level will not differentiate between objects. Any motion within the Detection Zone will activate a Motion Event and then notify you if you have your Notification Settings set to ‘Detects Any Other Motion’.

CamPlus Lite adds the ability to identify Person Detection. Here, you should be able to turn off the notification for ‘Detects Any Other Motion’ and turn on notifications for Person Detections (how you do this depends on the model of the cam you are using).

That said, I will say that Person Detection AI is prone to false positives. I have run extended history logs on the AI with less than favorable results. The AI algorythims get updated monthly, so changes can be experienced month to month.

There are two settings on your cam that you can use to reduce the occurrence of false positives (CPL) or excessive motion events (basic):

  1. Restrict the detection zone to areas that do not experience movement caused by wind moving growth.
  2. Reduce the sensitivity down to an acceptable level.

Post back with some details about your cam model and the plan you are on and I might be able to help more.


Hi! I am not yet subscribed to any plan. Just the basic 14 day free trial. I’ve been hesitating to subscribe because of how overly sensitive the AI detection is and not knowing if that would improve once subscribed. I will definitely employ your recommendations and see if things improve. I really do want it to work and will be happy to subscribe if it does. What I can’t tolerate is phone notifications going off every few seconds day and night! Thanks for your help. Will report back.


Ok, so that is the full CamPlus 14 day trial.

Same product I am using for my cams.

The key to determine what is going on is to look at your notification messages \ history.

If you have notifications that say “motion detected” then you have the “Detects Any Other Motion” setting in Notifications turned on. That will notify you of EVERY motion event. The AI notifications will say “Person” or “Vehicle” or “Pet” detected.

I suggest turning that off and just leaving the AI notifications on (again, cam specific differences on how to do that)

In your Detection Settings, you have to leave the Detects Motion setting on to get the AI detections, but you can also turn on the Smart AI detection for specific AI.

In your Events Tab, wou can filter out the Motion only events that were recorded (but not notified) so that you only see the AI events.

The two settings I mentioned earlier should also help if it is still too noisy after you get the notification settings right.

Good luck! Post back with progress!

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