Smart Motion getting tons of false detections

I have Wyze doorbell V2 with Wyze Cam Plus and in just the last couple of months I have been getting a ton of false detections. Shadows and branches would show as a package. Wind gets detected as talking. A another issue is sometimes I would get dozens of repeated notifications for the same package. Why would the same package trigger the notification over and over. I just need to be notified once. lol

If this continues I will not be renewing this service.

Is there any way to report the false detections to Wyze so they can improve their AI?


If you would like to help improve the AI model:
When viewing events from the events page there should be a little bar at the bottom that says “Help us improve AI by sharing this video with Wyze.” Clicking yes will bring up a selection of things the AI believes were detected. From that menu you can select what should and should not be detected.

To quickly reset your cameras AI “habits” (not exactly sure how this works but from my own experience it does):
Go to your cameras settings and click “Reset Services.” This should help with any erroneous AI detections. (I don’t have a V2 cam so I’m not 100% positive that this is a setting for them but I believe it is.)

See :arrow_down:

Additionally, I would see if you could turn down the sensitivity on the camera and take a look at the detection zone settings. This has helped me resolve false events before.