Anyone really know how motion detection works and have suggestions to fix my problem?

Does anyone know what the sensitivity actually does?l for motion detection? Does it look at how many pixels change or at how much the pixels have changed by?
I’ve got a v3 cam and doorbell. I live in a very windy areas with trees moving and tree shadows moving. The shadows move across the whole area as the sun moves throughout the day.
Am I better off just choosing one single detection square that doesn’t seem to get trees or tree shadows moving and then turning sensitivity to 100%, or just choosing a wide area and set sensitivity to really low. Is there a low enough sensitivity that would still detect a person and not tree trees and shadows moving?
See the attached picture of my front door detection zones which are areas so far with no trees or tree shadows moving throughout the day. Anyone have suggestions?

I do not know the exact algorithmic method Wyze uses to determine motion. That, unfortunately, is a trade secret they aren’t ready to give up.

I don’t know if it is the relative number of changing pixels in a set grid area or the relative change in pixel illumination between adjacent pixels; or both; or neither.

What I do know is that it is a light pixelation algorithm that measures changes in light.

If you are adjusting DZ and Sensitivity to eliminate Motion Only detection notifications, you might as well block out the entire DZ and set the motion sensitivity to 0. It is going to be very difficult to eliminate motion activations.

If, however, you have CamPlus on both those cams, I have found that a long trial and error method of slight adjustments is effective in eliminating false AI tags.

I will adjust my sensitivity up with a wide Included DZ area until it is noticeably wrong at tagging AI. Then, I constrict my DZ focusing on what was tagged falsely. After a bit of time I back down the sensitivity and wait a bit more. This took several weeks on my back cams till I got them dialed in.

The new V3 Firmware allows for the recording of only AI videos now, the doorbell unfortunately does not. In both cases, I only enable AI notifications so I am not bothered by untagged motion videos and I also filter out all the untagged videos from the Events tab.