Can the Doorbell Cam ever be set to ignore varying light due to tree movement?

I’ve had my Video Doorbell (non-pro) for over a year. I’ve tried just about everything I can think of to stop getting notifications when all that is happening is shadows on the ground due to tree movement. I’ve tried setting exclusion zones (not really sure that even works!). I’ve had the sensitivity anywhere from 100% down to 10%. I’ve got Cam Plus and I’ve set it to use AI detection. I’ve told it to alert me to persons, packages and pets only. It doesn’t even detect THOSE things at times. I’ve been quite happy with my cam v3’s and my outdoor cam but this doorbell cam is driving me nuts (it just AGAIN alerted me to…nothing…10th time this hour). If no one has figured out how to get this to work correctly are there any recommendations (other than ring) for a video doorbell whose software actually works?

I have the VDBv1 with Cam Plus.

I have it set to detect Person, Vehicle, Pet, and Package and have the notifications set to only notify me should one of those be uploaded (Detects Wyze AI Events).

For the most part it does quite well at Motion Sensitivity 80. However, I can tell when it’s a windy day. The sunlight dancing on the pavement will activate a motion event in the Included DZ, but the AI Bot on the server looks at the whole frame and starts tagging cars in the Excluded DZ. It also sees the sunbeams on the pavement and tags some as people or pets. But, I don’t get Motion notifications.