Still getting windy trees notifications even though Wyze AI is on and motion detections is off

In notifications I have turned “Wyze AI Plus” detection events on, and all other motion and sound events off. Yet! I am still getting lots of notifications of trees blowing in the wind. Is there anything else I can do the limit the amount of windy tree notifications I get?
Maybe I also need to turn motion detection sensitivity way down as well? Does Wyze AI take into account detection sensitivity?

You can adjust what is captured by lowering the Detection Sensitivity gradually until you hit a point where you are satisfied. You can also setup a Detection Zone to eliminate the area’s where the trees are.

When you get notifications, what is it saying as the AI Tag?

Remember, when motion is triggered, the event is sent to the AI Servers for processing. When it finds a match, in the event stream, to what you are notifying on, it will send a notification. Regardless if it was moving or not.

Can you attach one of your notifications from the Event Tab?

I just realized that it’s the event filters that I need to set. See attached image. By turning off motion and sound I should only see the people and pets ( AI events) displayed rather than all events.

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That is correct. But those are event filtering and not the Notifications you receive when an event happens.

If you upload one of the events you were notified of, we can see what is actually triggering it.

All motion events will be recorded and stored to the cloud as well as your SD Card, if you have one in it.

The way Wyze has this is so ridiculous and not very intuitive for the user. When I setup a motion detection grid I don’t want the AI to tell what’s in the entire frame, that just defeats the point of having a motion detection grid. Why did Wyze think was a good idea?!

How do I attach one of the notifications from the event tab? Do I download it to my iPhone then upload it to this forum? Or is there another way?

Well same here, so I had my Gardners do so trimming,I re adjusted the camera location,and turn the levels down 2 12 on both…much better

Yes, download it and then upload to this forum.