Motion and Sound detection tweaks?

Dear WYZE,
I get numerous false motion event alerts on my WYZE Cams each time the wind moves a tree limb or shadow. It also often sees this as a “person”. I have tried adjusting detection sensitivity and zones to no avail.
Is it possible to designate an event as a non-event and to learn that all similar events are non-events? To only notify when an event is radically different? Could “similar” and “radical” be adjustable and defined by the user
Can this also be done for sound? I receive sound event notifications each time a helicopter fly’s over. Could the WYZE Cam recognize that audio waveform as an event to be ignored while other sounds will still trigger event notifications?
I realize that this will take some AI tweaking but that’s what you all do.
Vin Novak

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Welcome to the community, @vvtv. I have moved your post to a new topic as the one you posted in was for feedback about the forum itself, and not Wyze’s products. If you search the #wishlist and #roadmap categories, you may find several ideas either already submitted, or in progress. :slight_smile: