V3 issue with notifications

Hi, just received my Wyze Cam v3 last week and so far I’m loving it, but I’m having some issues with notifications that I’m hoping someone can help me with. I have this mounted under my garage eve to monitor activity on my driveway. The problem that I have is that every little movement like shadows from branches triggers a notification. I suppose I can dial the sensitivity down but I’m worried that I might miss something important. For the time being I’ve enabled AI alerts and disabled All Other Motion. Is it possible to create rules that allow for AI motion alerts all day and All Other only during specific time periods, like night? Seems like when I create a schedule it applies that schedule to both AI and All Other.

Welcome @rherteux

See the discussion HERE about the over sensitive detection from the latest update.

UPDATE 11/19/20: We are pausing the .218 firmware and have pulled the files from the Release Notes page as we investigate the increased motion detection sensitivity for Event videos. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you! My firmware is I am still wondering though, regardless of sensitivity if separate notification rules can be set for AI motion and All Other motion.