Windy day filter? to stop all those notifications

I have the V3 pointing into my backyard, there are a lot of bushes and trees, and it gets windy. I find the WyzeV3 is always sending me motion notifications. Is there a way to get the camera to detect more people and animals rather than anything blowing around? Maybe this is a wishlist question?

I hope someone might have a good solution for this. Thanks in advance.


Does you V3 have Cam Plus? If it does open the cam from the app, go to settings>Notifications and just turn on Wyze AI Events and all other motion events off. The Wyze Ai events menu is under The Event recording for the V3 App. If you don’t have CP just tap the little bell on top of the app home page then you won’t get any notifications. You will still get the recorded events just not the push notifications.


Thanks I will try that out.
I was trying to avoid any monthly fees but its only $1.25, maybe its worth it.

I have 5 cameras but only one V3. I have cam plus on the V3 only and I have it set for the AI events of person,package and pet. I turned vehicle detection off because everytime the tree next to my driveway sways in the wind I get a notification of “Vehicle in driveway” (It is my truck sitting there parked). The Cam Plus is worth it to me for sure. You could try it for a month and if you don’t like it don’t renew. If you like it just get a 1 year.

FYI the tag on this thread is wrong, since you’re not using the Wyze Cam Outdoor model. Their naming could be better. Anyway, good luck.

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Thank you… fixed.

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The subscription fee is not worth it at this point, there are lot of problems. I’m seriously considering not renewing my subscription, but I do want recordings longer than 12 seconds, without the 5 minute cool down period. For me it rarely see’s dogs and I can’t stand that it labels parked vehicles that are and aren’t in the detection area, when all I want it to do is to tell me what’s in the grid detection area.