Windy Day Button

I would like an app homescreen button to push on a windy day that reduces the detection sensitivity or reduces the detection zones of all cameras and the doorbell for X hours until it reverts to normal.

Normally, my detection settings and zones are fine, but on windy days I would like to reduce the sensitivity and reduce the detection field to just the essentials to avoid the blowing trees and shadows. I can manually change cameras and doorbell, but it’s a pain, and I forget to change it back.


Until that happens, what I did was create a shortcut button that turns all camera notifications off. Then I created a schedule that turns all of them back on later in the day (so I don’t forget).

To keep my critical V3 driveway camera working, I installed a Sense Motion sensor to trigger camera events, even when camera notifications are turned off (you get a notification and a trigger from the sensor).

Finally, on any cameras like my driveway camera that can’t stand being on at night due to headlights or whatever, I have those cameras scheduled to turn off motion detection at night. The Sense Motion sensor again picks up detection duties then.

So a motion sensor trigger is a good way to get around windy pixel alerts. But you have to install it properly. Mine is above my front door, partially blinded by an overhang so it doesn’t see street or sidewalk activity. Someone has to be 2/3 up my driveway before their feet appear to it. It is also angled away from my neighbor’s dog and kids. It picks up the lawnmower when it gets close to my property, but I use that as confirmation that people would be detected there too. :slight_smile:


How do you have a Sense Motion sensor working with a V3? Did you have to buy the Wyze Home Monitoring Service? The motion sensors don’t work as a stand alone, right?

What you mention is exactly what I want to implement, a V3 tied to a motion sensor to be able to notify ONLY when there is actual motion detected (not image change).

I’ve been a Wyze customer for several years, so I have an old Sense V1 motion sensor above the door on my porch. However, a V2 sensor world work just as well, and I do have the V1 sensor connected to the new Sense Hub, not the old Bridge. But that wouldn’t change the operation either. But they are not stand-alone; they need either the Hub or the Bridge to connect, and the old Bridge only works with V1 sensors and requires either a V2 cam or original Pan cam host.

As far as how a Sense motion sensor works with a V3, it can work with most any Wyze device. For me, when it senses motion it tells a couple nearby V3s to record a sensor video. That produces a standard 12-second clip & notification.

Cam Plus does not change the length of a sensor video, but motion sensors aren’t subject to the 5-minute cooldown, so they can record motion again as soon as motion stops long enough for the sensor to send a clear signal (about 45 seconds after PIR motion stops). I also run SD cards in continuous record mode in case I need to see what happened after-the fact.

So many things happen when someone approaches my front door. A signal light lights up even before they can get to the door. Sensor videos start on 2 cameras. An outdoor infrared floodlight lights up if it is after dark (that I need to take down, since I’ve switched the cams to V3s with starlight sensors). You could even tie the sensor to the V3’s siren if you wanted to (I don’t advise that, lol).

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Thanks for the explanation! So you ended up buying the home monitoring system in order to get the new Sense Hub? Looks like the best deal is to buy the starter pack and 1 month of the monitoring and just not activate the monitoring. Are you able to set notifications when there is motion detected from the sensor? Like in lieu of Cam Plus AI detection? AI detection just seems to take waaaay too long to trigger notifications. Great for seeing what happened after the fact, but not while it’s happening.

Yes, it happens like this: The lighting of my Signal Bulb happens almost instantly, before they even get to the door from halfway down my driveway. The sensor notification comes thru about as fast, followed a bit later by the camera video alerts. I get 2 of those – one for the sensor video, and one for the AI. So besides the Bulb getting my attention, the crescendo of alerts tells me to pay attention. :slight_smile: