Reducing notifications

Camera notifies me each time tree branches wave. Sensitivity set on 30/30. How can I alleviate the constant notifications?

You can try setting a detection zone that excludes the tree, you can move the camera so the tree isn’t in the frame. Change your notification settings so that you only get Person, Pet or such. Not many other options.


Hi WildBill_ thanks for the ideas. This camera does not have detection settings; only motion and sound sensitivity. I’ll try lowering the sensitivity settings below 10


BTW I discovered the detection zone. Thanks

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CamPlus Unlimited fixed that for all my cameras, no more blowing tree limb notifications or other false alarms.

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bryonhu - Just curious. How did subscribing to CamPlus Unlimited fix the problem of constant notifications?

You can select only Person, Pet or Vehicle for notification rather than just motion. It doesn’t eliminate the motion recordings, you just don’t receive an alert for them.

It does cut down on notifications since I’m not getting thousands of generic motion notifications. Now I only get hundreds of AI tagged notifications, a majority of which are BOGUS!

It cuts down on notifications, Wyze doesn’t claim it gets them right!

That is the truth!! I have NEVER gotten a single correct VEHICLE or PACKAGE notification… ever! PET notifications are sketchy at best! PERSON detection often shows up as my cats… or nothing at all. Worst AI that I’ve ever used. And to think I prepaid two years for it LOL I’m such a stupid idiot for thinking it would work as well as their original AI they had that I originally signed up for. Hehe not even close. Getting PERSON notifications as I’m typing this and it’s just a plant that wiggled a little.

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Indeed. Like most of their software, Wyze broke it by thinking they had to improve it.