Detect cars is disabled but track motion continues to track cars

This is a big big issue that we are having. There are countless times when our cameras will tag and begin tracking a person that is walking up to our house and then next thing you know, the camera is panning to a car that’s driving by. It causes us to lose track of where person is?? This could cause us to miss someone breaking in or doing something to our property. What do we need to do so that when we tap the cameras to not worry about capturing cars, it follows those directions at all times. It seems like if you have person and pets as the only 2 things that you want camera’s to monitor, then whether it’s car, a bug, the trees, whatever it should be ignored. Any ideas… so we have a setting set up incorrectly?

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This is what the camera is designed to do.

The camera settings for Motion Tagging, the green box, is a camera based setting and is applied by the cam before the upload. It is applied to ANY moving object within the field of view that is not completely within any Excluded Detection Zone and will default to the largest and fastest objects first. It is NOT limited by the AI objects you set in the Event Recording Smart AI Detection. Those have no bearing on Motion Tagging.

Any moving object that completely originates within the Excluded Detection Zone and stays there should not be Motion Tagged. However, if any part of that object creates motion, seen by the cam as a change in lighting coloration “pixelation” between adjacent pixels in the Included Detection Zone, the entire object will be Motion Tagged even if it is mostly within the Excluded Detection Zone. This is the Wyze Overlap Algorithm.

That being said, it has been noted by many users, including me, that the Detection Zone edge between Excluded and Included seems to be a progressive fade rather than a hard line.

Motion Tracking is also a cam based setting executed by the cam prior to any upload. It is also NOT limited by the AI objects you set in the Event Recording Smart AI Detection. Those have no bearing on Motion Tracking. Any motion detected anywhere within the Included Detection Zone (also subject to the Wyze Overlap Algorithm) will cause the cam to track it and move. It will default to the object that is causing the greatest motion as determined by the Light Coloration Change Pixelation Algorithm. If two objects are moving, it will choose the one with the strongest movement signature.

The settings you set in the Event Recording settings (Person, Pet, Vehicle, Package) are Server Based settings executed on the Server after the video uploads. They determine the types of events that are saved on the server, placed in the Events Tab, Tagged with AI labels, and subject to your notification settings. They do NOT affect any Motion Tagging or Motion Tracking.

Set the home position of the cam to a point that will exclude cars from most of the field of view. Then, use the Detection Zone to exclude any area with vehicle motion so that the cam will not track on that motion.

Alternatively, as I have done with two of my PanV3, you can turn the Motion Tracking off and use the cam as a stationary FOV cam with manual PTZ.

There is currently a #wishlist request that is asking for the Pan Cams to have Motion Tracking limited to only the AI objects set in the Event Recording. Please follow the link, vote at the very top to support the request, like :heart: some posts, and add your use case description as a reply to the bottom.


Motion tracking tracks just that - motion. The camera does not process the AI to deal with what type of motion.
If you need to monitor a specific location use a fixed camera.