Track Only AI Motion For Cam Pan V1, V2, and V3

The track motion feature of the cam-pan-v3 is especially a problem because this camera is likely to be mounted outside. Things like rain, snow, leaves, trees, etc. are much more likely to not only trigger motion events (see other wishlist items for the need for detection zones for each waypoint), but to distract the camera’s motion tracking.

A great feature for cam plus subscribers would be track only AI Motion. That way a swaying tree branch is a lot less likely to attract my camera’s attention, but it will still follow a person, vehicle, or pet, etc.

If you wanted to get fancy you could allow the ability to select which types of ai events to track too.

This also would seemingly be easy to implement as well as the settings could be nearly identical to the event recording settings.

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I would be absolutely THRILLED if Wyze could implement this! Great Suggestion!


I can’t believe nobody has asked for this on the wishlist before now. I wonder if doing this would require local AI detection like the V3 Pro has. Then it could detect and respond more instantaneously. That would be an awesome upgrade though! I have a pan cam that always follows my shaking hammock in the wind despite there being no person in it. With this requested feature, it could ignore that.


I was shocked too such that I combed the forum looking for it before submitting. Maybe because the pan V1 and V2 cams were mostly indoors it wasn’t a huge problem, but it’s a major problem on the pan V3 when outdoors. Mine is constantly looking at the arborvitae swaying in the wind next to it.

I hope it’s something that can be easily done. Would be smart of Wyze to do it if they can because it would be seriously worth subscribing to cam plus if you bought the very popular pan V3 for this feature alone.


Likely not possible except on cameras with local AI. Without local AI, would require uploading live video, processing it in real time, and downloading camera movement commands. That would need to happen in something less than 100mSec (probably a lot less than 100mSec in order to follow very well).

With local AI, it would be far more possible…

Cool idea however…

You did great! I wish more people would take the time to diligently search before submitting a wishlist item (doing this is appreciated as it helps save the mods a lot of work and keeps things more organized).

You are right that it would give an incentive for people to subscribe to Cam Plus.

As K6CCC said, I suspect that at least some of the processing would need to be done locally to avoid issues that would come from too much lag of uploading the video to be processed, then responding back to the camera on whether to follow that movement. They won’t be able to load a FULL local AI with a high confidence interval to some of the non-pro cameras, but they might be able to use a smaller version of the AI that can still detect things, just with a lower confidence interval/percentage. So maybe instead it’s only 60% sure something is a person (or whatever the ratio is), and it will only start to follow anything that it detects as at least 60% likely to be a person. Then it uploads a frame to the AI to verify with a 90%-95% confidence interval or whatever and it can confirm to continue following that thing, or to ignore it and go back to it’s home location. Something like that could possibly work fairly effectively…at least probably more effectively than chasing branches and hamocks. :laughing:

They do have some creative AI employees who like people sharing suggestions and ideas, so I’m glad this is at least here for them to consider how feasible it could be.

Even if it ends up not being feasible for the current cams, maybe they’ll consider making a pan cam that could handle it. In the recent AMA they did they mentioned they have cams at 3 different levels: Entry Level, Mid Level and Premium Level (Pro). They could at the very least look into having a Premium level Pan cam that would be able to hold a good enough local AI to handle this.

Would be interesting to see how large of a problem the lag is in practice and how much heavy lifting the cameras can do. Maybe the cameras can do very little, but that still might be acceptable to do in the cloud if the round trip isn’t too bad. We get ai notifications pretty fast on the V3. I have a rule to turn on my lamp socket for only persons and it’s pretty quick too.

You would want to track all motion initially so to have a little lag in the system isn’t a bad thing so long as the ai can tell the camera it is/ is not a person/pet/vehicle within a couple seconds.

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I’ve only had the camera for a few days, and I was ready to post this exact thing if it wasn’t already.

Insects constantly triggering it at night, turn the sensitivity down enough (for me 17%) and then it stops detecting people reliably.

I wonder about the life of this unit because of the extra moving parts.

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Turn off the IR illuminators and if you need IR illumination supply IR LED panel away from the camera


That’s been my thought. I was going to ask how well that works, but I found another thread about it. Sounds like getting decent IR lights that do a proper job can be a challenge.

My other idea was to simulate the spotlight add-on with a motion event to trigger a plug with a small light source which I can make from various parts laying around. I noticed that the night vision was slow to turn off compared to the V3+spotlight. I guess the V3 must do it immediately when the spotlight add-on is turned on where the V3Pan has to detect and wait a few seconds before changing modes (to prevent unnecessary triggering). I don’t see any actions to control night vision through events.

A spotlight v2 is probably in the works that has the right-angle usb connector?

I had to turn off motion tracking anyways, it kept drifting too much. That feature was mostly a plus for me, I mainly wanted to be able to point it around.

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Wyze Cam Pan v3: Scheduled Rule Automation - Toggle “Track Motion” ON at Sunrise and OFF at Sunset?

The Mandalorian: “This is the way.”
The Me: “But there is no way!”
The Mandalorian: “This is the workaround.”

Speaking in a nontechnical way, the reason this is needed is that, as most everyone here knows, Track Motion “flips out” at night as it chases its night vision side effects and other illuminated artifacts. I generally turn the Track Motion off on all my Pan Cams for this reason. But in the day, the feature remains extremely useful for typically low-activity environments like a large backyard, where it can accurately track people entering into its view. So I’m looking for an internal way or external workaround, regardless of complexity via any ecosystems that I don’t yet exist in, or via one of the following ecosystems that I currently do: Wyze, Amazon (Alexa), Apple (iOS/iPadOS/macOS/tvOS/HomeKit), Microsoft (Windows), and Google (Nest). Thanks!

This would be hugely useful. It doesn’t matter too much inside, but outside my pan v3 is just constantly pointing at my flag making the track motion feature useless. I would love for us to have the ability to choose what AI it tracks as well because if it’s all AI then it will just be constantly tracking cars as I live on a busy street and there is no great way to avoid the street being in the cameras frame.