Wyze A.I. And The Flag

I would like to see the camera ignore flags.

They trigger the thing all the time so I had to remove my American flag

Cam Plus will resolve the detection issues by only recording or only alerting when there is a person, etc.

The only problem is that I see you tagged as this being related to a Pan v3, and Cam Plus doesn’t resolve the motion tracking issues, so the pan camera will get triggered by and follow the motion of the flag still, potentially moving the view away from something else you wanted to see.

I would consider voting on the following wishlist to help with that:

I’m using a Cam V3 Pro 2K, not the Pan camera.

Blocking it out doesn’t work.

Using detection zones don’t work, for much of anything.

Wyze A.I. needs a lot of work to do on it. It sees moving bushes as vehicles and people…I could go on and on about how bad this AI is doing

Wow, I can’t believe I misread that. :joy: Thanks for the correction, I don’t know why my brain thought I saw cam pan V3 instead of Cam V3 Pro. :man_facepalming: I blame sleep deprivation.

Are you sure it is the flag causing all the motion triggers? If you have it blacked out from a detection zone, then it should be ignored. Are there other plants or anything that could be causing the initial motion trigger instead? You can’t necessarily rely on the green box to tell you what triggered the event. The green boxes will highlight EVERYTHING moving even if they aren’t in the initial detection zone. So it could be that something smaller moved inside the detection zone (maybe including the flag’s shadow, as shadows and light count as movement too for pixel comparison). And then it shows you the flag is moving too, even though that wasn’t the actual trigger of the event.

If you post a screenshot of your detection zone and a sample event, we might be able to give you some ideas of settings to tweak to make it work better for your needs, as well as what else is likely triggering motion events.

I have almost all of my shot covered in zones.

I have sensitivity set low enough where I can still be notified if someone comes up to the house.

The bushes on the bottom still triggers and the area on the right is where my flag used to be.

Seriously, even if a shadow triggers it it should not be triggered as a vehicle or person.

Since I removed my flag I returned the zone to off there on the right

Oh yeah, that’s a tough one with so many shadows everywhere. The problem with an environment like this is that pixel-based motion detection determines motion solely on how many pixels change color. so when a shadow moves at all it changes the pixel to a slightly darker color and then back to lighter, thus causing the camera see that too many pixels changed color, and so it believes there was motion. I know Wyze is trying to work on a solution for this. They recently added an option for us to tag some videos as lighting changes, or tree waving, etc. Hopefully this will help them train the AI for situations like this to work better with fewer false detections. I think some of the false person detections might be getting caused by the mailboxes. As for vehicles, once anything triggers as motion (including shadows), it analyzes the entire DZ and is seeing the parked truck on the left since it doesn’t limit detections to only moving vehicles.

Thankfully they are working on a fix for this. They recently told us they are testing a moving object detection prototype:

Hopefully that will help reduce false detections too as it will be able to ignore parked cars or stationary mailboxes, etc. that are far away and hard to be as confident of.