Please Add "Flag Waving" And "Bird Sounds" To Events

There’s a “Tree Waving” link when you send off an Event to Wyze.

How about a “Flag Waving” feature and a way to get the cameras to ignore waving flags?

I’ve been sending the events using Tree Waving but I don’t know what good it’s doing


Add “Bird Sounds” too, while you’re at it

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Have you used the Detection Zone to block out the flag waving to stop it from initiating a Motion Event upload? If it is initiating a motion upload that results in an AI tag from something in your FOV, have you started blocking objects one at a time that may be mistaken for the Smart AI tag? Have you considered repositioning the cam or FOV to a different angle that would not include the flag or possible mistakenly tagged object?

Due to many everyday objects that move around in the FOV of my cams… trees, grass, leaves, sunbeams, flags, etc., I turn off all notifications for Any Other Motion and filter those events out of the Events Tab so I don’t hear or see them unless I want to. If those motion upload events are returning Smart AI Tags, I use the Detection Zone to either block out the object habitually moving or the object I suspect is being improperly tagged Smart AI… Or both. I have also repositioned a cam half a dozen times to get the optimal FOV.

I still get the occasional mistagged event upload, but my AI Tag and notification accuracy has been excellent since tuning my cams.

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Detection Zones do nothing…at all

They’re practically useless.

Especially on my Cam Pan.

When you block out an area, that detection zone is carried over all other waypoints.

In other words, when I create a zone to the far right waypoint, where my flag is located, that zone follows the camera.

On my other cameras when I block out the flag it still triggers them.

Near as I can tell, Detection Zones do nothing.

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I have had favorable results with all other cams using the detection zones. I actually bench tested the V3 motion activation, motion tagging, Overlap detection, and AI tagging restrictions in detection zones and it was spot on.

On the PanV3, however, you are spot on. I didn’t notice the cam model tag on my first reply. My apologies. I do use the Detection Zone on my PanV3s. however I have resorted to “padding” my detection zone by a block because the edges seem to be progressive and not solid. I also do not use the Scan or the Track features because of the return to home offset.