False Triggering

Wind is causing hundreds of false triggers.

I have the area blocked off but the cameras keep triggering, as in the images below.

It’s occurring with both the V3 and the V3 Pro.

Any ideas?

Wind is tough to combat with detection zones.

And, without the video, it is impossible to determine what motion initiated the video.

It is entirely possible that motion occured within the Active Detection Zone and that initiated the Motion Event.

The green Motion Tagging box does not identify what initiated the Motion or what is being tagged as AI. It is simply a visual reference for the user to see what is moving at that instant.

Additionally, the overlap technology used by Wyze allows for triggering of motion within the Allowed DZ, but tagging of objects that are overlapping into the Blocked DZ. That is most likely why your tag block includes the bush. Note that the shadows on the ground in front of the bush are included within the tagged image and the Allowed DZ.

Have you tried reducing the sensitivity?