My camera is detecting motion in zones I have marked as not to dectect

You can see in the video and zone image i have below it is detecting motion within an area i have marked not to detect motion.

Any ideas why?

The way it is set up today, the green box will show up pretty much anywhere there is a certain level of movement. The green box is not a trigger though, it is a simply a guide for movement. If your motion detection sensitivity is set high, then movement without a green box may trigger the camera; if your sensitivity is set low, even a green box area may not trigger an event. I think the green box is set to 50%?

In any case, even though the green box may appear anywhere, it shouldn’t trigger an event if you have that area blocked out.

So the green box isn’t really a good indicator of event triggers. One thing I would ask on the video is why don’t you have the entire tree line blocked out? There is movement across the board, and if you have your sensitivity set high then you might not even see a green box where it is triggering.

Thus, I would block off anything moving in that video.

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In that video there is definitely movement inside the area you have selected. As @Newshound points out you cannot always take the green box as what is triggering the cam. What you need to do is block out the rest of the tree line.


All the trees are moving, look at the one on the right of the one you have blocked out. I have a tree on my side yard completely blocked top to bottom and all around and I still get event videos that show the tagging box on the center of the tree, and that is a WCO not a V3. I have never had good luck with any detection zones.

Any good rules of thumb on what is seen by 50/75/100 sensitivity.

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What camera are you using ? I have 4 WCO and one V3. I just gave up and set every thing at 100% and let them record away when I am not home. I only have Cam Plus on the V3 and set the notifications to AI events only all other motion event notification events off. The V3 and the the WCO are supposed to detect motion in different ways but I have one rouge WCO that will capture an Amazon van or car 50 feet away :upside_down_face: Here is one from earlier.

Is anything being done about this issue?

The motion detection zones on my V2 and V3 pick up every movement even when I have them excluded.

So I did a lot more testing and I can confirm if you set 100% of the area to not detect motion then even with 100% sensitivity I don’t get motion detection.

So the blocking area works on my v3. The problem is that as others informed me the green box signals motion may not be the trigger.

So you have no real way to do good filters for motion. Shadows of trees blowing in the wind will move around depending on the time of day. So it is possible to mask out the tree but it’s shadow is not practical to mask out in most situations.

In a perfect world I would want a different level of area masking in the day vs night. And maybe higher motion sensitivity at night.

Without a reliable way to know what caused the trigger of motion it is very difficult to tune. And what is a way to measure 25/50/75/100 sensitivity? It is an abstract number that is impossible to understand.

In one brand of device I have from Kuna they tell you this would have been triggered at 30% sensitivity. That way you know if you don’t want that you need to go below 30%. This allows you to have metrics and tune your system quickly.

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