Recording Outside of Detection Zone

I’ve been having an issue where I setup a detection zone because it’s a high traffic area, yet my camera is recording due to movement outside of the detection zone. I’m getting a lot of recordings due to this issue, some of them show the green box indicating where the trigger area was and it was outside of the detection zone. Other recordings don’t even show a green box and I have no idea what triggered the recording. Anyone else having this issue and if so what was your solution?

Have you tried adjusting the detection sensitivity?

What camera are you using? Is there any kind of light or pixel change at all within the detection zone? Like my neighbours truck drives past my camera, but it’s headlights are within the zone and trigger the camera.

I’ve reduced the sensitivity with no change. This is the v2 Camera and no, there was not any light or pixel change within the detection zone box. Often the detection zone box doesn’t even show up, which means it doesn’t see anything within that area, yet it still records.