V3 box detection zone

I have a small box, probably about 1/3 of the available area. I am getting motion events from tree branches outside the zone. Any suggestions on how to fix this? How low should I set the sensitivity?

Are there shadows on the ground/walls/etc. in the zone? They can trigger motion as well. My neighbor has a flag pole in his yard and at certain times the shadow of the flag is detected.

My v3 is super sensitive and I love it! Smoke, shadows, lights, and just about anything else that crosses the detection zone triggers an event.

For testing, enable motion detection so you can see what the camera is determining what triggering the event. Like @R_T mentioned, is there any type of pixel change in the detection zone? Moving Shadows, light changes, movement, etc, anything that changes the pixels can trigger it.

How low of sensitivity? That’s something that you are gonna have to toy with and find the sweet spot between positive detections and false positive detections. I’d suggest start high, and work your way down. Other things to try are camera repositioning, moving the detection zone etc to help with the false positive triggers.

“Training”. What is this Training of which you speak?

I am also having a problem with the Detection Zones on my V3 cameras. I have the zones outlining my lawn and driveway, but every car that drives by a block away is picked up by the camera and sends a notification to my phone. And I’m not talking about shadows or light, I’m talking about moving objects outside of my Detection Zones.
I lowered my cameras’ sensitivity, but I still have this problem.

I have noticed that the green box does highlight the area that triggered the event. Is this box inside your detection zone and the moving objects are definitely outside? If so check for shadows or reflections inside the box.

I can’t think of what autocorrect didn’t think it was at this point. I’ll edit it back in if I can remember what it was gonna be. :grin: :man_shrugging:

I have green boxes highlighting movement both inside and outside my Detection Zone. What’s the point of a Detection Zone if you can’t limit what area the sensor reacts to?
Also, there are no shadows or reflections inside my Detection Zone box.

Have you restarted the camera since you made the change to the detection zone in app? Can you post a video example and a pic of your detection zone settings?

No, I have not restarted the camera; I will give that a try. Thanks.

I’m not sure how to get a video of my Detection Zone settings. If I figure it out, I will post one … at some point, but not tonight.

I think a screen shot of your detection settings page, and then an event video with the detection outside your set area will be a good visual aid.

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