Events recorded out of detection zone

I have a detection zone on my V3 camera setup to eliminate a flag from triggering recordings. I have cam plus for this camera and gets an Event every time the flag moves, I have a street blocked off in the zone yet every car going by triggers an event. Is it normal to ignore the detection zone? every movement in the full field of view is recorded as an event, which makes my camera pretty useless . Is there any work around for this?

Do shadows from the flag and cars affect your zones?

Can you please provide the event so we can see what may have triggered it. Also ensure you provide what your detection zone is.


And enable motion tagging for this troubleshooting. :slight_smile:


I have motion tagging enable and it shows the flag moving triggering the event. I have the flag area blocked in the detection zone

Download the event from the events tab and then use the upload button to upload it here so that we can take a look to see what might be going on.

Also upload a screenshot of your detection zone.

this is going to take a bit as I am on my PC I use my pc to communicate not my tablet
Here is link to google photo album with video and detection zone

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I’d try de-selecting that bush across the street in the detection zone. You are perilously close to that.

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Light from headlights triggers event, I just find that movements outside of the zone keep triggering events I was getting hundreds of events every day , driving me nuts
have to shut it off

will give it a shot and see

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well looks like that did it, What I did observe was that when going into detection zone setting FLAG wasn’t moving yet looking out window live it was moving, Looks like the tip of flag was just entering the zone. I didnt realize that setting zone is NOT LIVE Thanks ALL for your help


I’d say that is the culprit here. The first instance of motion tagging is in that area and looks to break the detection exclusion zone into the allowed area.


yes solved see my previous answer, when selecting block out areas video is not live
I was setting up detection zone again after clearing and flag was moving but not in detection zone setup page.