Detection event out of detection zone question

Why might I be gathering event videos triggered by events that happen outside the detection zone? Screen images below are examples.

Did the shadow or headlights of the vehicle passing by move through the detection zone?

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On mine, I only see motion tagging within my detection zone. I have V2s.

In this video I see nothing triggered in the detection zone. Agree with you completely that this could be the case. Just do not see it in the example video that I will be uploading shortly.

Pleased to say I had seen a detected “Event” that showed me the time of the event. Went to “Playback” and saw this. This is the first time in two months that the system actually performed as expected. 99% of my alerted events consist of less than one second screen captures of dust, raindrops or snowflakes. Adjusting the sensitivity and detection area gives me either everything or nothing. Happy with this video, tho.

Quite the nature show tonight. A skunk started this detected playback(not shown in video) followed by a fleeing rabbit, followed by two coyotes. Cams finally functioning as expected. Now I’m happy.