Wyze app keeps spamming me with notifications

Turned on vehicle and person notifications. Have a camera looking at my driveway, and it is constantly spamming me about vehicle detections, even though the car hasn’t moved. Is there anything I should be doing to not be notified after the vehicle stops?

Welcome to the community @yaroz

Basically when the camera senses motion in the area you are watching, it will send the video to the AI servers for processing. If it sees a car, person or any other AI items you selected, it will notify you of that. Does not matter if the object was moving or not. It saw something which triggered detection and then Alerts based on what you want.

I believe Wyze is working on a Method where the AI can determine if the Car was moving in order to Alert on it.


The Region of Interest (RoI) around the moving object should be what is investigated for object classification, not the entire image, in order to avoid notifications of parked cars when branches are blowing in the wind… Takes far less CPU/GPU utilization as well.

I think the majority of us agree. I am a community member as you and provide support as needed. I have heard that Wyze is looking into a method to only address the area’s which has changed and not the entire image.