[POLL] Force firmware update? Don't bug me! 🐜

Well done! (no irony whatsoever)

I will follow your progress with interest. :slight_smile:

Good citizen voluntary disclosure:

v2 firmies (September 8, 2021)
prodo softy (January 26, 2022)

People who aren’t even trying:

Peeposterous! We’re watching fellas like :male_detective:  you image now so mind your pints and quarts…


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First assumption - secret phone home kill switch on ALL old versions - proved correct. I got hit, and one of my cameras did not make it out alive. I won’t be climbing up in this winter weather to rescue it any time soon. Power pull didn’t help so it seems Wyze bricked my camera.

The other V2s got upgraded and stayed alive although they haven’t improved at all. Notifications still take 30+ seconds, same unstable WiFi, same broken SD card support. Sigh.

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Thanks for the update, bub. :slight_smile:


Seven days on, still good performance, @OldSWEngr ?

Stupid question: Is the camera still under warranty? If not, do you think Wyze will replace it since their firmware bricked it? I’m not optimistic that they will. Want a $5 credit towards a new V3? :grin:


Dunno, probably not. No way. Me neither. No thanks.

I’ve got an unused 2-3 ft. drill bit itching to help run some Cat 5 though.

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Yes, no problem with on my v2 cameras. I don’t has an SD card in any yet so cannot comment on function of that. I just discovered that I have not yet updated firmware on one v2 cam at another address. It is still on I’ll update that one to soon.

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Update: It’s alive!!

The camera came back all by itself. Must have gotten wet maybe. Strange coincidence since none of my outdoor cameras have ever died this way and come back. (One died period.) Sorry then, Wyze?

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The nuanced reality emerges:

[my emphases]

And you’ll note that was addressed in the very first of my Unanswered Upgrade Questions of 2022 in that very thread:

Are you haveing a senior moment?

Now that is thick irony indeed.