Pop-Up Upgrade your camera firmware

Earlier today, when I opened the Wyze app I received a pop-up notification telling me I should update the firmware on my cameras. The only problem is, I’m running the RTSP firmware on all but one. I checked my cameras and as far as I can tell I’m on the current version for the PanCam V2 and all my RTSP cameras.

I assume this is a mistake and that Wyze won’t force me to replace the RTSP firmware on my cameras later, but it does make me wonder what’s in store.

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There are no plans to force anyone off RTSP, it is probably a message that was sent to everyone

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I received the same pop-up when I went to start live streaming my cams this evening… all cams are up to date and I’m not running RTSP. Looks like Wyze pushed an indiscriminate pop-up out to everyone.

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I got it too - and I have the latest beta on everything.