Where do we get the latest firmware for RTSP for all existing Wyze Cams?

Hello, I have Wyze Cam v2 and v3 at the moment - currently using it to monitor my father who suffers PSP (variant of Parkinsons) and FTD (type of dementia)

We need to be able to monitor him at all devices possible and in order to do it, I’d like to setup a RTSP protocol - which would help me setup a monitoring station that could be implemented everywhere.

However no matter times how hard I try on RTSP firmware page, I can’t find a link to download a file. Somehow I managed to find a v3 file but not sure if that’s only for Cam v3 only or not.
I understand it’s a beta feature and can’t provide a latest security measure and whatnot, but I’d like to still see all downloadable links for said devices.


Wyze pulled them a few days ago. Something about security and reviewing the plan of supporting the “beta” RTSP firmware going forward. Probably connected to all the posts about the security vulnerability that was just announced.

If you are committed to Wyze check out TinyCam Plus…can connect to the cameras using production firmware.

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Oh… that’s why. Thanks for the clarification.
Sounds like I’m off to experimenting that app.

Is there a link to the post where they pulled the firmware?

There seems to be a link buried in this post:

@YetAnotherDave has posted some legitimate original forum links to the firmware. I’m not reposting in the interest of flying under the radar.

I already found it here is the link if you need it


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I’d like to grab copies of older versions as well, if anyone has links. I also have the v2 cams and am seeking the RTSP firmware files for that cam.

In case anyone comes to this thread and the link from jcman97 is gone, try this archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20220630160937/https://download.wyzecam.com/firmware/rtsp/demo_v3_RTSP_4.61.0.1.zip

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