FYI - RTSP firmware files removed from site

I was just chatting with a Wyze representative trying to find the RTSP files to download and he informed me that they have been removed;
“RTSP was considered a beta feature and we are currently assessing the path forward as the firmware versions have aged quite a bit. We have removed the firmware files for these versions for now and we’ll update the pages when plans are finalized.”

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In other words you now have to “Pay to Play”

RTSP doesn’t make profit, Cam Plus does :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No wonder my V2 cannot be added bavk to my account because it is CamPlus Lite.

Darn. Wyze keeps making it harder and harder for me to stick around.

Ya, I just bought another V3 from Home Depot to add to my blue iris setup. Even though I have the rtsp bin files that work on my other V3’s, the new camera will not take it. Too bad. Guess this will be going back to home depot as I look for other camera solutions. Keeping an eye on the return of rtsp though.

Well that is disconcerting.

Very odd. Recently purchased a new V2 from Wyze and immediately installed RTSP on it without problems. I don’t think anything changed with the latest V3s .

I bought some v3s in February and was able to install the rtsp firmware

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corrupted bin files?
can u get copy from other members?

Can anyone help me get the firmware? Wyze removed it but maybe one of you still have it.

Which camera?

Link here for the V3:

Thank you!
I also needed it
What was the very last version of this firmware?
Was it

That’s the last one I have, so I’d say yes, that’s the most recent version.

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I appreciate your answer.

Is there some place i can download the latest rtsp v2 firmware?

yes here you go Wyze Cam RTSP Download (All Camera’s Included) - YouTube