IMPORTANT: Terms of Service and Security Updates - 1/6/22

Thanks! I’ll see if I can do that.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the development team making a decision, which minimum version of Android/iOS do they want to support and test. Each extra version they support translates to more work.
If they are swamped with other work (like supporting dozens of products, whats next a Wyze toilet lid still up sensor?) they will need to cut corners, and one way is to draw a line.


if you re interested:

Thanks for being a [Mod Edit] company and not listening to your customers.

You have illegally accessed and modified my equipment, after I explicitly denied you permission to do so.

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Thanks for breaking my stuff.

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Details are useful if you want something fixed.

They aren’t going to fix anything. They did what they set out to do - forcibly update the firmware on other people’s equipment.

Ah, so they did update forcibly, then? That explains why I’m getting connectivity issues with the app and on home assistant all of a sudden.

I guess I’m switching brands, then. Thanks for making the decision easy, Wyze.

Definitely have.

My two cameras have been updated to… and I certainly didn’t do it.

Maybe they have? One of my V2s, the most recently installed one, has gone offline. Maybe it has recent enough firmware to have been hit, while my older ones remained safe? It is the most difficult to reach camera I have, and we are now in the middle of a small and violent snowstorm. Thanks Wyze!

All my cameras have been updated and I didn’t do it, so you tell me.

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Which cam and what firmware version has it been updated to? And what version was it on before, if you know?

Mine too! Including the one they managed to kill!

I guess I have to stop saying I’m running ancient firmware. And even now it wants to upgrade to a newer version.

I powe cycled the bad one - it seems Wyze has killed it. One day in the Spring I will have to go climb up and figure out whether they’ve bricked it. is the new version. Not sure what is used to be before, but it was the version required by the docker-wyze-bridge project until recently.

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Thanks, my v2’s are still on (one update before not auto-updated thus far.

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Update 20 Feb 2022. See the separate forum here called “Rbcior 1080P HD Indoor Security Camera”, which Wyze hived off from this forum to stop you from reading about alternative cameras if this update bricked your cams.

My 2019 cam 2 was bricked In January when I did the update Wyze said was so essential. It now will not even power up, so I haven’t been able to use it at all since then. See my other posts in this forum on my experience dealing with Wyze support (ticket 1724197), ending with them offering $20 off a cam 3 - after they deliberately bricked my cam 2 - because my warranty was up! Either they deliberately bricked cams, OR they never did any testing before the mandatory firmware “update”. EITHER WAY, this is Wyze’s bad. Warranty period is not the issue, when a company deliberately disables previously working devices.

I bought a Rbcior replacement and am very happy with it.

You know, Wyze execs, if you had actually answered these questions when I posed them in January, you could have saved yourselves all the current bad press you’re getting about the patched (and almost entirely benign!) SD card web server security flaw.

It’s not the crime; it’s the coverup. :frowning:


We deserve more of an explanation from Wyze management. How do we trust that these security issues are now fixed, and will be handled more responsibly next time?

I’ve been a big proponent of your products, and I need more information/assurances on (1) how do we tell if our camera(s) were accessed by someone else, and (2) how do I ensure my skeptical spouse and friends that these are now indeed secure?


If you and your friends have home or ISP routers then you were always secure and can ignore this.

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Strictly speaking: you can’t. But the same applies to your phone, computer, and any IoT device you have. Companies like Amazon, Ebay, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft… have suffered security issues, nobody is 100% safe.

I myself unplug my cameras when I’m home. It’s the only security method with 100% efficacy . :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank for the reply, and all valid points.

The issue here is Wyze leadership communication. Security issues happen. They failed at communication.

I want to hear an open and transparent explanation and plan from the Wyze leadership and founders. I guarantee their large retailers, Home Depot, will be expecting the same.