IMPORTANT: Terms of Service and Security Updates - 1/6/22

Hi, folks!

Here is a copy of an email going out to everyone now. It’s really important so make sure you read it!

Terms of Service and Security Updates: Update your firmware and app to the latest version to best protect your account and see what’s changed in our terms of service.

Hey, friends!

It’s a new year and that comes with some important updates!

Protecting you and your security is always top of mind, and for us to do that, we’ll need you to:

  1. Update your Wyze app to at least 2.27
  2. Update your Wyze Cam firmware

This will make sure your devices are in tip-top shape so you can breathe easy and know Wyze has your back.

We’ve also updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Statement to reflect new products, new services, and new countries. (Hey Canada, we finally made it!)

Take a read to learn more about all the updates.

Update your Wyze app to 2.27 or above

Wyze routinely releases security updates that require our users to be on the most recent version of the app.

For your security, we’re requiring all Wyze apps to be updated to 2.27.32 or above by January 11, 2022 . After this date, older versions will need to be updated before you can use the app.

If you aren’t sure if your app is updated, you can check in the Wyze app by opening the Account tab, going to About, and finding the number under the Wyze logo at the top of the page. If you’ve already updated, then you’re all set.

To update your app, please search for “Wyze app” in the Apple App Store or in Google Play. You could also tap on the links below and follow their instructions:

Update your Wyze Cam firmware

To ensure the most consistent and secure operation of your products, it’s important to keep them up-to-date. There have been many important security updates in the last year, but they may not be compatible with previous app versions.

As a result, we’re requiring that all Wyze Cam v2, v3, Pan, and Video Doorbell products be updated to the current firmware version. We recommend you update them yourself to control the timing. Otherwise, we will likely push updates to outdated devices beginning February 1 through February 15, 2022 . (Updates to Wyze Cam Outdoor are coming soon - stay tuned.)

To update, open the Wyze app and tap the Account tab > Firmware Update, then check that all your devices are “Up to Date”.

If you really want to be on top of it, keep an eye on the Wyze News section of the forum for more details.
Check for Firmware Updates

Have a security concern?

Send us an email at if you have a security concern and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Updates to Wyze’s Terms of Service and Privacy Statement

We’re updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Statement to reflect new products, new services, and new countries.

You are more than welcome to read the full documents—they’re a delightful read, highly recommended by our lawyers. But here’s a quick summary.

Terms of Service updated to:

  • Include the availability of Wyze products in Canada!
  • Include terms covering the new products and services we offer, the Wyze App, and text messaging from Wyze.
  • Describe how we may offer discount codes, and how they work.
  • Offer an additional way to opt out of binding arbitration.
  • Describe arbitration alternatives if you are a resident of a jurisdiction that prohibits arbitration agreements or class action waivers in consumer contracts.
  • Inform you of how to opt out of text messages from Wyze.

Privacy Statement updated to:

  • Include the availability of Wyze products in Canada!
  • Update the description of information you may provide to us when you interact with us.
  • Inform you of how to opt out of text messaging from Wyze.

Here are the full documents: Terms of Service & Privacy Statement

Your security and privacy is always our priority, and we’re so grateful for your cooperation.

Happy New Year! We hope you stay happy and healthy. :partying_face:

– Your friends at Wyze


If any firmware updates (now required) brick any of my devices, in or out of warranty, will Wyze replace them? What about RTSP firmware for the cams? Those are not “current” are they?


You have to be more transparent here. For some people this will mean failed updates and climbing on icy snowy ladders to reset cameras and try card flashing in mid air in the dead of winter.

  1. When you say "latest* do you mean only the absolutely latest firmware will be supported?

  2. When exactly will previous firmware stop working with Wyze services?

  3. Is there a current exploit or threat that leaves any part of Wyze systems or user activity vulnerable?

3b. If so, why is the service still allowed to those vulnerable machines? Why not cut them off NOW?



And this:



I know it was already asked, but how will this impact the users whom utilize the RTSP firmware? I rarely use the Wyze App for my cameras and mostly rely on the RTSP firmware.


I am running rtsp beta on v2. Will this affect me in anyway? Will I be able to use the app to view the camera? Will this attempt to push the software to my camera?


Definitely do NOT want any firmware pushed to my devices without my consent.

And I do not consent.

WYZE - how can I correctly opt out of this?


I’ve updated my software and firmware, and a bunch of people are having this issue now with v3 Notifications suddently stopped working without any config changes - #28 by daniel.cornwall1993


On August 2021 I reported a bug (support ticket 1401811) with all my six V2 and four Pan cameras, the workaround that Wyze gave me was reverting all cameras to an older firmware. Now, I have one of the V2 updated to the latest firmware, and the bug is still not solved. I’m running the latest version of the Android app.
Does this mean that Wyze will forcibly push a buggy firmware to all of my cameras?
Or that I will be forced to chose between an insecure or a buggy firmware?


I agree. Forced updates are a BIG NO for me. If I need to sign some sort of waiver then send it over.




I am using RTSP firmware. Definitely do NOT want any firmware pushed to my devices without my consent.


If you could please submit a log on the affected camera and post the log number in the thread below

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Please tell us where to find the updated RTSP firmware

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If they are forcing this on us they really need to add the RTSP to the firmware updates on everything… A lot of us are using that function because the app only does so much for us and we don’t want to pay out the leg for the cloud service on all cameras we have especially all of us who have so far loved their cameras and have a bunch… Forcing it on us with out consent is wrong in the first place. If they are going to go down that path… if they don’t include the RTSP they are going to lose a BUNCH of supporters… I’m honestly disappointed in them right now. I hope they have the where with all to fix this and take a hard internal look at themselves. This is just wrong…

Oh dear - sounds like a major security hole has been discovered but not disclosed. Tut-tut

That’s why I never put all my IP camera eggs in the Wyze basket

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We are having more issues about these lack of notifications:

Click the   image   to reveal the poll and vote.   image

I’ve been saying this for years, it’s two steps forward, one step back.
It seems a violation for them to PUSH firmware updates.
I’ve many cameras inaccessible to me.
I’m always about 800 miles away from half my cameras, either in Virginia or Mississippi.
I will no longer recommend Wyze cams. :frowning:

How do I cancel ORDER # 013334765?

Found the answer, I’ll have to return them.