Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

Prefer IR rather than have delay before activation.
Do not mind lights showing if needed.
And of course would want the outdoor one to be able to stream
To google home smart display (have lenovo one).
Being able to look at my Kasa outdoor cam has been great.
Really could use the Wyze cams more and order more if they did the google home thing.

I would love to get a waterproof version for outdoors and maybe even have another one where you can plug it into the ethernet I do not get Wi-Fi out in my garage and I would like to have a wyze cam out there but it would have to be ran through ethernet

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I’ve got 8 PoE outdoor cameras that I’d love to replace with Wyze. Given my exterior is already wired for it, I hope this future outdoor camera somehow supports connecting to cat 5/6/7 cables.


I would be happy with a waterproof version of the Pan camera.
I was happy to hear that Wyze was working on an outdoor camera but fear it may be heading in a direction that isn’t useful to me.
The idea of battery power and base stations is driving up the price. I hope they are optional.
As long as it is powered by 5 volt USB, options to power it by battery, solar and poe are readily available.
I currently use TinyCam Pro on an nVidia Shield as a DVR.

Solar powered option in addition to battery power!

Will this/r there any plans for an outdoor wireless/bluetooth camera? Not allowed to drill holes in exterior
walls (and I really don’t want to do that cuz I’m lazy) by our condo HOA.

I was hoping Wyze would be coming out with an outdoor camera! Something of note though that I hope you take to the design/engineer team is that of max operating temperature for said camera. I live in the greater Phoenix area and this place can be downright hellish in the summer. Temps of over 118 degrees Fahrenheit are common. I’ve asked other camera manufacturers if their cameras can handle those kinds of temps without melting and unfortunately, none of them can handle anything above 113 degrees. Most can’t handle temps at 113 either, so it’s definitely something to think about for your loyal hot weather dwelling customers.


Hope it can handle temps near or below zero so it can handle cold climates of the midwest

Definitely 5GHZ capability

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Throwing my vote in for optional POE for power & wired connectivity. By USB adapter would be fine to go along with the request for this on the existing indoor cams.


Upvote for this idea. Plus wireless would be nice.


I LOVE MY WYZE CAMS (especially v2)!!!

My thoughts on Wyze Cameras for Outdoor Use…

Wyze Cam has always worked hard to provide their customers with differentiated products at a low cost. I have several Wyze Cams (v2 and Pan) in operation outdoors in harsh environments already, and I am very pleased with the results. To make them outdoor ‘compatible’, I had to make the following upgrades: 1) purchased exterior protective cases, 2) changed everything to dark colors so they were more camouflaged from the casual observer, 3) located them near electrical outlets, and 4) ensure they were in range for Wifi. For me, these were the “essential” capabilities that were needed.

What are some of the “enhancements” that would make them even better?

First, the motion sensors are constantly sending ‘false’ events due to movement from dust, bugs, trees, etc. So much so, that I had to turn off notifications on my phone or I would have been up all night. So, making them more robust for outdoor type movements would be awesome.

Second, location/placement of the Wyze Cams is severely hindered due to the need for electrical outlets (and to a lesser degree wifi signal). This is where having specifications that are battery and/or solar friendly would be great. A camera with a battery that enabled the current features (events, continuous recording, etc) would be the best but I suspect this would require frequently changing out the batteries, or moving to continuous solar charging. I do not like the idea of moving to “event only” recording to lower power consumption since I can already get this at a low cost with trail cameras! (Link to my solar experiments: Battery Operated Wyze Cam - #13 by tim-weidenhaft).

Anyway, I’m rambling on so enough for now.

A loyal customer!


Do you have photos to share of your modifications?

Only my opinion,but I like the idea of making the light visible. Had som kids wander on to my front porch at 4 AM…they spotted the light, pointed at the cam, got up and left.


I agree I think a visible light on the camera is a good thing , I have a couple of other cameras They have a nice bright blue light on the front that pops on , people notice it and they act differently , It is better to deter someone From committing a crime By them knowing there is a camera ,Rather than viewing the footage of the crime afterwards.
But then again these same cameras have the option to turn that light off if you so wish


Exactly, if having everything visible deters 20 attempts of mischief, it is far better than hiding cameras and lighting so you can watch the results of 1 successful attempt.


Love the idea! But I’ve actually been vey happy using my Panning Wyze Cam outside in both sunny, hot, rainy, cold, snowy days without any issues.

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Upvote for this. I have existing DVR POE cams that I could replace with Wyze cams. I have a lot of money invested in the existing camera system, but the software stinks. The cat5 was installed when we replaced the siding on my house, so we’re already in good shape there. Getting power to all of these cameras, indoor or outdoor, is the biggest hurdle I encounter.

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Several people on this thread have mentioned POE as a power source which I think is a great idea based on the experience I had with several other cameras. We live in a brick and shingle house and could never get a consistent wifi signal. Ultimately had to get an adapter that utilized the electrical wiring to transmit the internet to an outdoor outlet and then run a CAT5 cable to plug directly into the camera. So now we have two wires (power and ethernet) running to the camera. POE could reduce this to one and would be much easier to fish through the walls since it is low voltage versus hiring an electrician to run a new outlet to the camera locations. Also, could hang them higher up since you should only need access to them during installation versus having to change a battery or clean off a solar panel. Either way, definitely a buyer of a couple outdoor Wyze cameras when they are available.


POE is a separate request and can be voted on here