Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

Understood. The overall requirement is to capture the full length of the event. But with battery powered camera, the camera needs to sleep ( to preserve power ) and be woke up by trigger of PIR to record.
We’ve worked hard to make the “wake up” time to be as short as possible… but it can’t record before it is woke up

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Regarding low temperature: I have 2 Wyze cameras (one pan/tilt, one fixed) mounted outdoors in northern Minnesota. So far we have only gotten to -2 F but both have been work well so far. In Jan/Feb we should get some temps down below -20 F…I’ll let you know how they perform.
Update: 1/1/2019: It got 18 below last night…both cameras working fine.
Update 1/25/2019: It’s 32 below F now and both cameras are working fine.
Update 1/31/2019: It was minus 40 this morning (air temp not windchill)…both cameras still doing fine.


Thanks for the response Dongsheng, I’m always impressed at how involved you guys are and that you actually read and reply to the community’s concerns… You guys are awesome!!!
If your team is insistent on a battery operated model then I totally understand having the PIR trigger to wake the device. Just wondered if you guys would ever consider another power method such as POE or optional methods. ( I’m sure you already do but…) Please just keep in mind your coding that it will not limit future developments and options. I get that battery operated may be the way achieve the largest consuming market but it also greatly limits the features and ability of the product. I would gladly pay a premium for a product that gave me the options of battery Or POE and could activate different features such as “always recording” or settings to increase LED IR lighting if plugged into POE. There are so many different strengths the product could achieve if it had a power option.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.


It sounds like the outdoor camera is headed toward battery power? What if we like the continuous record and just need PIR for alerts to cut down on false alarms from changes in light? Car headlights in my case. My house has motion lights at all entrances and I would like to use that power source to add external cameras. I currently have a V2 on my front porch running continuous record. My issue is passing car headlights trigger false alarms as the light changes pixels across 80-90% of the field of view. I don’t want to deal with batteries. Outdoor shouldn’t necessarily mean portable.


It’s simple , Battery powered with the option To plug em in :neutral_face:




An option to plug them in sounds simple enough, but when I read PIR will “wake” the camera, it sounds like the approach might be entirely different from the current V2 or it could be going dormant to save power is an option. I need PIR to replace the pixel change algorithm for non-daylight operation. (The car headlight issue.) I would still want an alert to include a few seconds prior to the alert like the V2 has. WyzeDongsheng said that was out. Because of the wake up (iirc). I would also be interested in how the remote storage point is covered.


Is the plan to use a second uC that’s specifically designed for ultra low power while asleep and is wakeable by a single logic change (the PIR detection)? That would then send a wake signal to the main (much more powerful) uC that would be in hibernation… That makes sense to me…

However, any scenario using a sleep mode on the uC is going to come with the caveat that you cannot use any type of active detection to wake, it will have to be a solution like PIR (or similar lower power requirement). So the net is that there would never be the ability to lead in detected motion (though the wake time of the main uC could be in the microseconds if you’re going to depend on recording to local media, getting effectively the entire time of motion). Just thinking out loud…

Agree on the great work your team is doing, this is one of the best products to drop in a long time (not just security/video related).

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I know there is talk about an outdoor version in the works but is it possible to give a little more details on what the expected timing is and maybe what first version features would include? Couldn’t gen 1 just be climate proof (temperature and moisture) to stick with product simple design? The alternative ways to power and charge could come later.
I think you have a great product and have multiple units and have given more out as gifts.

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Why are you worried about batteries? Take the angle that Nest did and have a power cord!

There are many technical challenges we are solving, and many reliability/performance testing to be done. Timeline is a bit hard to estimate at this point.

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That’s the trade off we are making. Trying to make wake time as short as we can…

what you mean by “remote storage point” ?

iirc, that or something similar was mentioned in another thread discussing the risk of theft of theCamera including the MicroSD card. I’m just guessing you meant the future direction of offering Cloud storage, which WyzeMark also mentioned as one of the reasons to add “Shop” to the main page.

got it. there is a microsd card slot on the basestation to store video, which is inside of the house.


That’s a good idea. Will the base station “talk” to existing cameras, which would ease everyone’s concerns over theft?

not in the current plan. we need to take one step at a time. It is already very heavy development just for the outdoor cam


Well, can’t argue with that.

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I like that idea a lot , and That has been suggested heavily for another Type of camera I have, that Does not have that function

They should really think about having a central DVR that talks to all the little Wyzecams. The DVR would allow multi-cam viewing from a browser or phone since the phone would talk to one device, the DVR. I think some entrepreneur putting together something like that would sweep the market. Cloud storage could still be a optional backup revenue stream.