Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

I have mine mounted outside, above the overhang for my garage door. For the time being at least it’s not in a case or cover. It’s mounted upside down, using the magnetic mounting disc that comes with the camera. I didn’t see the exploded view on Amazon referenced above, but it looks to me like if I were to put silicon around the gray extendible base (which is not extended) and the camera an IR sensor it would be waterproofed on both of them. Only point of entry would be the back, which faces in so unless water bounces off garage door that side should stay dry. Pic to follow later, don’t have one ATM.

These have to be putting the hurt on all the other manufacturers selling cameras for well north of $100 per pop.

Same here for Houston humidity. I can install under the eaves of my roof so rain would not be an issue. If nothing else, I will just use the standard $20 Wyze cams and hope they last a couple of years in the humidity. A friend has been running a regular 55" Samsung flat screen TV under his covered patio for a couple years already and it still works, despite 95% humidity and 100 + degrees heat.

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Been using this case outside in direct rain/sun for several months and my wyze cam 2 is still working. We have had some of the worst rain in years in my area of NY and I can’t believe water has not ruined the cam yet. The only issue is the ability to talk through the cam no longer works, I can hear just fine. I’m thinking the snow will mess with it where I have it, so I’ll be moving it before the first snow. Love these little cams…

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This is good to know about Wyze Cam 2. I have been using a Wyze Cam Pan in the garage and the covered porch for over six months with no problems. And I was worried because the humidity in NC is pretty high during the summer. Bought two Lorex Secure wireless outdoor cameras in September because I needed something that would be in the rain and sun. Well, they aren’t even half as good as Wyze cameras. And that it using them at 1080. If Wyze made an outdoor camera, and not even taking in account the cost, I am 100% sure they would be 10 times better in all categories for an outdoor camera. I can’t wait until I Wyze has them.


Looking forward to your outdoor camera. Please improve night vision distance for that camera (over current regular Wyze Cam). Thanks!

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Hello world! I JUST connected my first WYZE CAM PAN and I am blown away. What a great piece of work you have created. And I AM in the market for a few new outdoor cams now too. So, I’m hoping the new WYZE CAM PAN LMNTZ (I made that up folks.) will materialize soon. I guess for right now it’s made of 100% unobtainium… best 2 all. Mitch K.



PLEASE be aware. An outdoor camera should have remote storage. If your camera gets stolen or damaged so will your video. The 12 second cloud alert is not enough for security purposes.

If you do make an outdoor camera PLEASE dont built the storage in the outdoor unit and either have an indoor hub or expand the cloud ability to store the entire motion even if its at a fee.

I have used several cctv and network cameras for myself, family and friends houses. We rarely needed PTZ or battery. Battery becomes more of a hastle in the long run compared to the hastle of running power to it once and not having to worry about it. For my needs I have disassembled the camera and removed only the lens and placed it outside while the rest of the unit is indoors safe from weather and vandalism. I would prefer just having an extension cord for the lens alone for this application.

Thank you for being so in touch with your community and hearing all our wishes.

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we are covered on the storage point you made


I would like to know if these housing withstand Summer season with 100 degree and Winter season with 0 freezing degree?

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Since I just bought it, I can’t say but, the Texas heat will be a challenge for sure!

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After developing products in Shenzhen for a number of years, and knowing limitations… here are some things I see possible that I’d love:

  • 5ghz ac
  • 256MB RAM minimum, ideally 512MB RAM (128MB really limits the streaming codec quality)
  • Polarized Lens (by default or magnet / snapon)
  • Base with integrated standard tripod screw mount in center
  • Larger SD card capability



Just returned a bunch of blink cameras that I was disappointed with. Looking forward to a wyze battery powered camera!!


Hi ,

Thanks for the update -

  1. Will these cams be IP67 or higher rating for outdoor?

    1. Will the housing be metal to handle extreme cold as i live in Colorado at nights its been 10 degrees this week

3)Do you have an ETA on these out door weather proof Cams

  4) I think i saw beta testing for Wyze you your site  - id be interested when you get to that point


It will be IP65. IP67 is good for water submerge, which we don’t think is the common use age.

It will not be metal because metal can be an issue for wireless signal transmission.

No ETA I can publicly disclose, but this thread will be one of the first to know channel on updates.


Thanks for the updates. I’m just hoping it will be good to temperatures at or below zero degrees F. I have a V2 setup outside and it works fine to at least 20 degrees F, hasn’t been much colder yet this month. And the only issue I saw so far was when I pointed the IR lights too close to the wall and had reflection off the wall which looked like the night vision had degraded performance with a large white blotch on the right side of the image. Turned out to be a non issue when I moved the camera further away from the wall.

I picked up activity that I had no clue was going on outside…

I love that you guys are working on this but one MAJORLY important feature is when a camera detects motion but the recording starts 1 or 2 seconds prior to recording. If the IR LEDs aren’t activated until motion then this would not be a useful feature.

Just my thoughts though because this is part of the required criteria for me when buying a cameras for security.


Solar power battery for this cam would rock, would def buy it

People keep asking for induction charging through a window, but I’d think enough people have double-pane windows to make it useless for a large population. Let’s keep it cheap and simple. Running on battery requires too many compromises in my opinion for power-saving. If you must, also include a way to keep it wired, with a software profile to match. Even better, keep it wired and simple, but enable an optional battery pack.

Other than weather-proof housing, there’s not much to add. I do like being able to draw motion sensing zones on my Ring Pro and Spotlight Wired which really cuts down on false alarms, but not sure how feasible that is for Wyze.

You can do the functions you mentioned today using the IFTTT integrations. I don’t have my cameras turn on or off, but I have the motion detection turn off when I’m home. One issue with all geofencing t isn’t perfect, so I will often trigger motion events for a few moments while at home.